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    Top 3 Best/Worst Video Game Endings

    So as the title says, what are you personal best/worst endings of the Video Games you played?

    For me:

    1. DeusEx-Human Revolution, all of them
    2. Portal 1+Portal 2
    3. GTA4/Dishonored(good ending)

    1. Borderlands (loved the game but the end was just bad...)
    2. Homefront
    3. Half Life 2 (just because there is no ending without episode 3 :<

    I could have listet some more at my "Best" list like Fallout 3/New Vegas, but as far as I could remember this were the games that affect me the most.

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    Worst ending ever has to be Rage. I liked the game and only suffered from the texture pop-up technical issue, but that was a terrible ending.

    The Witch's house (true ending) was one of the best for me. There is nothing more that I enjoy than a game that actually makes me care about the characters in the story which is what 95% of games out there fail to do for me.

    Every other games ending seems mediocre and feels like a generic and unmemorable ending, or I didn't beat it and thus have no comment.

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    Half Life 2 Episode 2. WHERE IS HL3

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    MGS 3

    Diablo 3
    SC 2
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    Best for me would be Spec Ops : The Line. God damn was not expecting that.

    Worst would have to go to Skyrim. "KILLING ME HERE IS MERELY A SETBACK"*flies off* was the worst decision they made with him imo. I honestly enjoyed the Thieves Guild/Dark Brotherhood endings much better.
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    1. The Walking Dead
    2. Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne
    3. Can't really remember a 3rd great ending, making up for it with a 4th worst ending


    1. Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight
    2. Mass Effect 3
    3. Diablo 3
    4. SC2

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    Off the top of my head;

    The Darkness
    Metal Gear Solid (just because I stood up and danced after getting the tuxedo.)
    Gothic 2

    GTA4 (enjoyed the game but wasn't impressed by the ending.)
    Kotor2 (pretty obvious.)

    Can't think of a third one I really didn't like.
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    Mass Effect 1 and 2
    Deus Ex HR
    Bioshock 2


    As much as I love this game . . . Mass Effect 3
    Dragon Age 2
    Diablo 3

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    Saints row the Third (both of them)
    Commander & Conquer nod ending
    Portal 2


    Command & Conquer 4
    Mass Effect 3

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    Cant really think of a list right now, but I was completely awed at the ending in Braid. Genius ending.

    I also really enjoyed all the different endings of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, they're not particularly "happy" any of them, they're just so sad.

    Bioshock 2 comes to mind as well, great ending to a great game.

    Some of the sub-par endings I can think of must have been Amnesia, Skyrim and Diablo 3. All of them just felt so cliche, especially with Skyrim and Amnesia, which were marvelous games right up to the ending, which imo just couldn't keep up with the rest of the game.
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    Dota 2 24/7 / Dark Souls II
    Best - >
    1) Zelda:Wind waker
    2) Bioshock 2
    3) Diablo 2 LoD

    Worst - >
    1) Diablo 3
    2) Darksiders II
    3) Borderlands 1

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    1.Halo 3 I loved this games Ending
    2. Sonic Adventure 2 was perfect when I was a kid
    3. WOTLK
    1.Assassins Creed 3
    3. RE5

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    Saints Row II
    Dishonored (all endings)


    Assassin's Creed, every. single. game.
    Diablo III

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boxtroll55 View Post
    Oh, what? We can include WoW?

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    MMOs don't really have endings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doozerjun View Post
    MMOs don't really have endings.
    Yep, I think so too.

    Bulletstorm was one of these games where I was really sad that it ends, so much fun, and there will never be a Bulletstorm 2 :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doozerjun View Post
    MMOs don't really have endings.
    That's how I looked at it, but if you view Cata as its own sort of... Thing. Then its going on my list.

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    That is really difficult for me to say hmm...

    Lets see, best should be:
    1. Mass Effect 2, the last mission was extremely intense and when i saw the "endboss" (Sorry, dont know how i do spoiler tags, so this vague description must suffice ^^) i just thought "holy shit, i hope i dont have to fight that thing.."...

    Damn, i cant even name a second ending which totally blew me away...

    But thankfully there arent any where i would say "What is this shit.." either

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doozerjun View Post
    MMOs don't really have endings.
    the end of certain story arcs

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    Shadow Hearts: Covenant (the good ending)
    Shadow of the Colossus


    Shadow Hearts: Covenant (the thankfully non-canon bad ending)
    Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (doesn't matter whom you pair Fayt up with, it's still sour after that pisstake twist a little earlier)
    Timesplitters: Future Perfect, for wrapping the storyline up so indefinitely that there can't be a conventional sequel

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