Was wondering if anyone could help me out here.

I dont want to play Warlords anymore, and havent for a month or so now. But I will come back for Legion and need to figure out how soon before the xpac hits i should come back to get the last achievements I need that will be harder to get. Missions can be done anytime, pet battles, arch, etc. I want to find the ones that are going to be harder.

Last step of the ring questline - On tomes and completed 1 ship quest
Anyone know how many weeks it would take to get all the tomes and finish the shipyard quest lines?

Ashran 5k player kills and Nemesis quests - Currently, great way to get Nemesis done is a pre-made of 5 players with 1 extra on the other faction. I figure this would get both the Ashran 5k and Nemesis done easily even after the xpac.

Most dungeon/raid achievements I can skip, theres none I know of that will get 'harder'
In some cases Raid/Dungeon achievements are easier to get before you out level them, or they require a certain number of people. (Less-Rabi for example, was harder after you outgeared it until you massively outgeared it, Share the Love requires 5 ppl, Show me your Moves needed a full group, etc)

Fight, Kill, Salute - At a guess, this will be removed. But already it almost requires a pre-made to even get a queue to pop let alone win. This wouldnt get any harder once the xpac drops.

Invasions/Bosses - This one is going to be hell to get when no one is getting them popping up anymore... In 2 months I was only ever able to find 2 bosses and 6 Invasions in trade chat though... so I dont think this ones going to be really doable from this point on without something changing.

So based on that list, the only thing I think I really need to come back early for is to finish the Ring questline.
i dont care about achievments if they are going to be removed (Proving Grounds Brawlers Guild, etc), but I do want the legendary FOS.

Heres my profile is anyone cares to check it out for anything ive missed.