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    same as LFR, also known as the easiest one.

    Quang, Sukotai, Shadow dude, Meng

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    I saw a few ppl saying this makes the encounter super easy now, thats untrue. The fight will still take u a nite of pulls to learn and get used to, mainly all the transitions as a new boss pops out.

    but with a new fixed order, once uve learnt how to deal with each boss and transitions, the fight becomes as easy as normal mode did - simple and easy but still very easy to wipe if u dont pay attention (hittin shield on 1st boss, hittin shadow shield on 3rd, forgetin to spread and getin 3+ ppl pinned by arrows, fail to flanking etc..)

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    From what i have seen all this fix does it prevent a raidgroup from wasting time. We've practices only an evening on it pre-change, and we anyway wouldn't go further if it wasn't the right order. So from our point of view, that change didn't change anything as we would wait for the easiest combination anyway. And i guess there are few groups which would try and kill it "whatever the order is", so even if it's sad for them, well ... good change for the mass

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