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    Sub PvE - Backstab vs Hemorhage

    Messing around w/ Simcraft trying to maximize my Rogue (I'm a diehard Sub fan).
    And I noticed that at least for my character Hemo is the preferred CP builder.
    Am I just behind on realizing this or has anybody else that actually plays the spec have some insight?

    From my knowledge I would assume in later tiers (if this modeling is correct) that Backstab would eventually pull ahead because of Agi scaling but I don't 100% know what I'm talking about lol.

    Also it says going Shuriken Toss is a 5k DPS increase? That doesn't seem right to me, then again I haven't looked at that option in a month.
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    Armory? I want to see if I can recreate your results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mugajak View Post
    Armory? I want to see if I can recreate your results.
    As far as i know simcraft is modeled to do the strike once and let the dot tick over, the problem being that once you use it as a cp gen ability it over writes this initial dot so you only get half the damage. I suspect simcraft assumes you some how use it as a combo gen ability and yet still keep the effectiveness of its intended use, its not perfect and i am sure there is a foot note about it somewhere

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    I ran it just now as normally modeled (using BS > hemo when dottimer > 4s) and got 83,871 DPS for you, with a hemo rota (removing backstab portions and the final limiter on hemo, causing it to use hemo as filler for CP gen) and came up at 82,424 DPS. This isn't as many iterations as I'd like to run, but I don't think it's going to bridge that gap. Both seem to be modeling hemo appropriately; the BS profile is showing higher DPE for hemo compared to the Hemo profile, since the dot is ticking through. Approximately the same tick damage, with around 2 extra ticks in the hemo-gen build (not sure what's causing that atm but it's really not worth checking for me right now).

    I'll get back to you on Shuriken Toss in a moment.

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    Replacing all backstabs with ST and changing your talent profile with a ST profile, I'm simming 83,661 DPS for you, which is in the overlap bubble for both error margins, but that's not incredibly likely to be the case, and if it were, it'd be by a tiny (<100 DPS) difference. If you can play it at the same scale, you should* theoretically see around the same DPS numbers, assuming the scaling on all abilities is accurate. It is interesting to note that each CP generator down the list (BS main -> Hemo main -> ST main) each have you executing more eviscerates, but that's the E/CP and doesn't seem to outpower the DPS loss of the combo generator itself, in your gear.

    Not really sure how you generated your results.
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    Wow appreciate you looking into it.
    I was just going by the Shadowcraft modeling, I don't know how to play with Simcraft tbh.

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