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    I for one wish they used the LFR system for dungeons as well, really would make it less stressful to gear up alts. not having to deal with trolls, enchanters just wanting shards, or the ninjas that need on everything they can because they can vendor it.

    At least now everyone got a fair chance, you didn't have that with the previous system.

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    As I post in all the other threads on this subject...

    There IS NO problem with LFR loot. In fact... people who SAY there's a problem with LFR loot now, because they can't even need on other peoples items for gold anymore, so it doesnt feel worthwhile going in if they don't get anything at all back... THESE people are the problems that there were with LFR before.

    Blizzard has fixed this now. Do you really not remember how utterly pointless/ridiculous the looting was in LFR on release? RNG is RNG. If you've not won anything, be greatful that when you eventually do, it won't be ninjad by someone that's got no need of it at all, who needed on it just because they felt like they deserved to win something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolalola View Post
    I don't know about that, but asking people what they received is something you cannot verify. I, for one, generally lie in such (or not disclose the info) as well as in polls (an exit poll for example). Why? Because if the system wanted others to know this, they'd communicate it.
    The armory profile displays it. The fact is you are still making an issue over nothing. What does it matter that you can't see a person getting an item that you wanted? You aren't rolling against them, their loot no longer has any bearing upon you. Its a relic of the old system and holding onto it as a reason for why the new system is bad is just plain silly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Luciferiuz View Post
    10 man bosses drop 4 epics now? Where? I want in on this action.

    Also, LFR isn't intended as a source of loot so complaining that it affects you "acquiring gear" is a little silly.

    You are meant to "acquire gear" from heroics/raids. LFR is there to see content, get valors and have a small chance at some extra pieces.
    You obviously are unable to read the words "example". Also I'd like to know where the hell you're getting your knowledge from. Because I've never read anything like what you've written stated by Blizzard. Not that I'd care all that much. The only boss I care about is the Sha seeing how he drops PvP stuff and sadly the Sha uses the same messed up system the LFR does.

    Fixed that for you. What you actually hate is mathematical chance, and what you favor is biased loot systems that reward people with a bunch of friends rolling or whoever can pay the most for the gear.
    What we (I) hate is the fact that a big part of the loot goes to waste, because people who don't need it get it. Even if in the past people rolled on loot for their friends said gear was still put to use. This is not the case when someone who doesn't need a piece of gear gets one. Personally I got the same piece of gear several times already, gear someone else could've used.

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    This is probably a terrible idea, but I'd like to see something like the TF2 crafting system introduced alongside the current loot system, so that people could 'take apart' gear to get mats for gear that suits their class/spec.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ringpriest View Post
    I didn't play a fantasy game so that I could replicate the feeling of the lottery. I played it so that my friends and I could stand over the corpse of some horrible monster and decide how to split up its loot.
    Then start a raid with friends and you can still do that by turning on master looter... just not in LFR...
    It's a very good system for LFR and it could work the same way in dungeons too. I'm glad it's no longer possible to "cheat" people out of loot or be "cheated" for that matter. And as far as involvement goes: REALLY? Over loot distribution?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragoncurry View Post
    TLDnR: I would rather be pissed at someone for jacking my piece one week than do LFR for 50 weeks straight and never see the sword once. [/FONT][/COLOR]
    And we all know the game is about how YOU feel, right?

    Screw people like me that think this present system have way less stress than the previous.

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    The system is fine for LFR.

    It would be horrible in dungeons.

    It's great in LFR because there are 25 people, tons of loot, tons of chances to lose loot to people who don't actually need it. Dungeons have five people. The chances of them being an asshole and even being able to roll on the loot you want isn't as high. If 20% of people playing WoW are ninjaing assholes, that's 1 person in a dungeon, but 5 people in an LFR.

    There are also smaller loot tables in dungeons. There's a chance you may need a piece of loot for an offspecc, and that no one will need it for their main specc. It makes it easy to gear up both of your speccs in dungeons. It's a huge pain in LFR. It's always been, and especially now.

    Say I'm a druid and there are no other leather wearers. I can gear up for feral/guardian and resto/balance in that group, regardless of what specc I'm in. If dungeons are slot machines, I have to actually tank a heroic in really bad gear to gear up so that I can tank. I'd rather DPS and take a few pieces of tank gear until I feel comfortable than go in in greens for my tank gear.

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    Using the new system in dungeons is a good idea. It just needs a tickbox where you can choose for which specs you want loot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deleth View Post
    What we (I) hate is the fact that a big part of the loot goes to waste, because people who don't need it get it. .
    And that is an incorrect assumption. You are still looking at the boss like he drops the loot and that everybody has a shot at it. This mindset is hard to eradicate because it's been like that for ages. The bosses DO NOT drop loot anymore.
    It's better to look at it like a slotmachine now, after the boss dies every player gets to play the slotmachine and gets one spin. The slotmachine has no idea what you already have, it only knows what you could potentially use. So IF you get lucky on the slots machine it awards you with an item that is useful for your class.
    This is done for everybody. Also you can have bonus rolls with Elder Charms that work like a token to get an extra spin. Again nothing th eboss drops, just something that is considered useful for your class by the system or some gold.
    The one thing you could argue is that it perhaps should not award stuff you already have. Which I think it shouldn't because then we'd get back to the problem that people gear up way too fast and are done with the content in a matter of weeks. People won't run the LFR when they have gotten all they can from it.
    Besides RNG is a critical part of most (if not all ) MMO's.
    But in the end, there's no loot going to waste in the sense like you mean, because there's no loot dropping from the boss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolalola View Post
    The new system has its flaws though:

    1) People receive items they already have, or already have better.
    This one I don't get.
    the new system is not in place to ensure you only get drops you don't already have.
    Before the new system you could run lfr and only see the same item dropping for weeks...... you just didn't roll on them (maybe).
    Now the roll is done before the drop, so one you've won a roll you'll get the item.

    So what happens now is, where you previously wouldn't get anything, you now get an item. You can vedor it, de it or whatever.

    How is this a flaw?

    I can't remember ever dropping/winning loot only I didn't already have.
    I think you expect the illogical from the new system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Windfury View Post
    Pretty much this.

    I still haven't won a single thing across 3 toons (one of whom has done every boss every week). It's really past the point of ridiculous now.
    Have to agree. Increase the reward rate a bit 36 bosses down 1 helm. Gets to the stage where im thinking why bother.

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    New Loot system is better.
    Anyone saying it isn't is absolutely crazy.
    It's better in every way.
    More than 4 people can win gear at a time.
    No ninja'ing.
    We stopped searching for monsters under our beds when we realized that they were inside us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragoncurry View Post
    "I completely disagree, and I think that the new loot system is not that good at all.
    Indeed... Remove all loot from LFR and then LFR server its only purpose in the game.

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    Done all LFRs weekly. So far I've disenchanted 25 epics. More gold for me, less loot for others imo.

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    It's a psychological thing. Even if you still likely, on average, get the same amount of loot you'd otherwise get if the spirit of the original LFR was maintained (i.e. people NOT rolling for others, NOT trading gear around/holding it hostage for something they wanted, and only rolling for their spec they joined as), when you get only gold pouches, it appears as if that boss just simply HAS NO LOOT.

    Over time this can prove to be a powerful demotivator.

    Stupid idea, but as an example, I'd be happier if they had a slot machine type window come up with all the loot for your spec from that boss with a bunch of gold pouches and did a small animation of it scrolling around before landing something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TylerN View Post
    I for one wish they used the LFR system for dungeons as well, really would make it less stressful to gear up alts. not having to deal with trolls, enchanters just wanting shards, or the ninjas that need on everything they can because they can vendor it. At least now everyone got a fair chance, you didn't have that with the previous system.
    It is an obvious next step that will slow the growth of the Sha of Hatred.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HonestJohn View Post
    Have to agree. Increase the reward rate a bit 36 bosses down 1 helm. Gets to the stage where im thinking why bother.
    One helm that was an upgrade? From my first 36 bosses, I received about ten drops. I guess we could both be outliers, but that seems odd.

    Are you not counting the drops which weren't upgrades?
    Are you using re-roll coins? If so, are you re-rolling on bosses which have no new loot to give you?
    In Dragon Soul were you part of a guild or group which helped you acquire loot by doing a roll and pass? (testing a hypothesis).
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    I have suggested having both loot systems occur, but that was for the most part shot down. I have since changed my suggestion to a "roll bonus" that stacks up the more bosses you kill without winning a loot item. Once you win a loot item the roll bonus reverts to 0. To better explain...

    Boss1 = No Loot = +5% chance for loot on next boss.
    Boss2 = No Loot = +10% chance for loot on next boss.
    Boss3 = No Loot = +15% chance for loot on next boss.
    Boss4 = Loot Drops = +0% chance to loot on next boss.

    This way you are promoted to keep killing as many bosses as possible and will never have a "50 bosses and no loot!" dry spell, because sooner or later the chance for loot will become so high you are going to get something.

    The two biggest issues I see, is people who stack up the buff as much as they can before fighting a boss that has an item they want, thus dropping groups constantly till they land on the right boss, and people who feel they "wasted" their buff roll when they kill a boss and get a duplicate item. I have yet to figure out ways to fix that issue with the idea, though the first issue can likely be fixed by making the buff reduce whenever you get a "deserter" debuff.

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    The reason people don't like the new loot system is pure and simply greed. The mindset that you should be done your LFR gearing at this point of the expansion is just ridiculous. The people who are having crappy RNG are the one's complaining, but I can tell you that in Cata, my hunter had the worst RNG in LFR you could imagine and never even got a two set bonus before I gave up after a few months. There will always be bad RNG. The one thing I may suggest is that Blizzard offered some transparency to what the drop rate is. If you have to roll at least an 85 to win loot, then they should actually tell us that and show our actual roll. It takes some of the mystery out of the system. I think one of the issues right now, is that people don't know how their RNG is stacking up against their actual chance to win. Just showing a number would make a huge difference. Right now it feels like playing a slot machine blindfolded.

    To the above poster, that actually sounds like a really good idea.

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    "RNG hates me, and even though my loot got ninja'd before, I at least saw it drop"
    >This new lot system sucks.
    This is the mind set of most people. Sure, you didn't see what dropped and/or didn't win it but look at it this way. At least your tanking trinket, the one that's going to replace your 450 one, didn't get ninjad by some healer or by someone who had 2 better ones and they like the way it looked in their bags. Sure, i may not win loot all the time but at least I get what i need and don't have to woory about one of the pricks mentioned above. To add, I raid and do heroics on a regular basis MSV all the way to ToES just about every week. I don't rely on loot from LFR, but it sems RNG really hates pallies, or maybe just my toon. It's just nice to get somthing a tier above what i have so when something does drop in a normal raid, and I roll under a 35, as I always do. I can at least take solace that I have the sme trink but with lower stats.

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