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    "Yes, there is a conspiracy, indeed there are a great number of conspiracies, all tripping each other up… the main thing that I learned about conspiracy theories is that conspiracy theorists actually believe in the conspiracy because that is more comforting. The truth of the world is that it is chaotic. The truth is, that it is not the Jewish banking conspiracy, or the grey aliens, or the twelve-foot reptiloids from another dimension that are in control, the truth is far more frightening; no-one is in control, the world is rudderless."
    ~Alan Moore.

    I believe the universe we live in is chaotic, rude world, and that life is just a strange occurrence in middle of all this chaos.

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    OP got banned because he knew mmo-champion secrets :O
    게임 은 어렵~~

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    Lizard men underneath L.A. and Hollywood.

    Well I guess it's not a conspiracy "theory" so much as it is a 100% fact of life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Zait- View Post
    Lizard men underneath L.A. and Hollywood.

    Well I guess it's not a conspiracy "theory" so much as it is a 100% fact of life.
    WOW you heard about that one, I thought that was dead and lost in time.

    Yes the old story was an Archeologist found a hidden City of Reptile People under Los Angeles in ~1910/1920, the entrance to the city was lost, supposedly they use to be friendly with the local Indians.

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    *puts on tinfoil hat*
    the US government invented Blizzard/EA etc to keep young people busy with gaming and not rebelling against the system
    7 Legendaries and counting. CC ring, Ghoul Ring, AMS cloak, Aggramars Stride, Frost belt, HB Helm, Sindy pants.

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    how does one invent a company
    게임 은 어렵~~

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