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    Xim4 - cheat or no cheat?

    Hey guys,

    I got the Xim4 some time ago simply because I despise controllers in general. Until yesterday, I'd only used it on ps4 single player games. Yesterday though, I tried it with the BOIII beta and I have to say, I had a ridiculously huge advantage over other players. Quite frankly, I was nigh unbeatable and was destroying lobbies without having a clue of the game's mechanics or maps.

    I think using the Xim4 in MP shooters is cheating. The advantage is just too big, especially if you don't disable aim assist. The software has become good enough to hardly notice any mouse acceleration as well.

    What do you guys think? Is using the Xim4 like cheating?
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    In a way, yes it is, because as you say, you get such a huge advantage. Mouse aim will always and forever trump that of a controller (something a lot of people tend to ignore or disagree with. It's a non-debate.)

    I personally don't care about that though. I love the fact that Xim4 exists, because it allows me to play Halo without tearing my eyesockets out.
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