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    How are you doing in the current video game that you are playing?

    I would like to know: how are you doing in the current video game that you are playing at the moment?

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    I'm currently playing Last of Us. Trying to get through the Survivor mode before moving onto Grounded.

    I was going fairly well until I bought a new TV. The picture quality looks great I'm just struggling as the game proportions have changed.

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    The Patient
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    Oeiras, Portugal
    Well atm im playing ArchBlade, geting better everyday and having a blats every time.
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    In oblivion
    Pwning xenons sectors in my new Spilit M2+ Typhon (superdestroyer), that i just got yesterday after spending 500 milion credits.

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    PLaying Dust: An Elysian Tale. Around 3.5 hours in and close to 35% complete according to the game. Want to make sure to get 100% and fully enjoy the game. Haven't liked a game this much in a while. Knowing me, if I try to complete everything it should take around 15 hours.
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    BF4. Was held up from buying it because i've been out travelling for months and when I came home needed a new PC. I got setup 2 weeks ago and have been playing nothing since. It's sick! I love this game! So yah, pretty freakin' good.

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    Aussie Land
    Sniper Elite 3. Started on authentic difficulty straight away without some unlocks so it was awful. Now i've got my lee enfield and a tactical scope i'm scrambling brains with ease.
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    Playing KSP, doing good. Kerbals get into space and some of them die in horrible accidents when i create funny but deadly space ships.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sergel02 View Post
    PLaying Dust: An Elysian Tale. Around 3.5 hours in and close to 35% complete according to the game. Want to make sure to get 100% and fully enjoy the game. Haven't liked a game this much in a while. Knowing me, if I try to complete everything it should take around 15 hours.
    Dust is a great game There's lots of stuff to go back and explore; if you like to be a completionist, it's a good game for that! Enjoy

    As for me I pretty much only play WoW, Dota 2 and Rift, which you can't really 'complete', so meh

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    Playing X-COM: Enemy Within, destroyed the EXALT headquarters and my top ranked agent is a Colonel rank MEC-2 with 107 kills. Lost Russia, India and Argentina to panic though.

    Up to this point I kinda ignored the whole primary objectives of the game and never bothered to capture an alien to interrogate, but gonna do that now.
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    Technically not playing, just finished Far Cry 3. 100%'d the handbook in 24 hours, 34 minutes and 54 seconds. Only things I didn't pick up were some loot chests, there are millions, and I am capped for money (damned 10k wallet).

    Haven't decided what to play next. Maybe Dust.

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    Civilisation 5 - Owning the French & Russian bastards who attacked me for no good reason.

    Fall Out 3 - Just killed Mr House, and taken control. Time to clear up some of these disgusting tribes, and destroy the NCR.

    World of Warcraft - Farming all Heroic content and trialing new players for Warlords.
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    Marvel heroes - Just got my silver surfer to max level and trying to replace the last epic item with a unique.

    Rift - Got all freelancer gear, trying to get prestige 70 so i can equip all my warlord gear however it's taking months >.<

    Wildstar - Hit level 50, not interested in pvp, not that interested in group pve so just going to see what solo pve content their is if i don't like it i will quit.

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    New PC, coming from iMac, so lots of games to play/test.

    Battlefield 4: frowning on my 0.5 ratio

    SimCity 5: trying to build and maintain all 8 cities of my personal region

    Wildstar: figuring out if this is something I'd like to keep playing, still undecided

    Diablo 3: getting that Crusader to 70

    Hearthstone: casual entertainment on the couch

    Other than those I got a lot of shelved games off of the Steam Summersale.

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    Borderlands 2: Doing great so far. Just bought it a couple of months back, and gotten 3 characters to finish normal mode, and 2 have finished the main DLCs (except Hammerlock, only did that once). Having equal fun with all of them, my only hiccup occurring when switching directly from Zero to Gaige; trying to curb my reload reflex is a PAIN. Other than that, done some TVHM stuff, nothing seems too hard so far and very enjoyable still.

    Dishonored: Started out not caring too much if I killed people, thinking it was a stealth assassin type of deal. Realised later that the storyline/future stages changed as the kill count went up, and also found doing things all sneaky like felt quite rewarding by itself, so now I kill no one. I think this game has one of the coolest incarnations of Blink I've ever used.

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    WOW - 14/14 HC, now playing casually / pvp

    Wildstar - level 24, on and off, hoping to get more time so can raid

    PopRaiders - on level 64, going strong, looking forward to the tournament
    Current Activities: "Raids in WoW","Leveling in Wildstar","Clan wars in Clash","Popping Bubbles in PopRaiders"
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    playing rome 2 as Rome of course, currently at war with various Germanic barbarian tribes, its going ok-ish. ive got two decent armies, and a terrible army, making good progress, but i keep losing settlements because i am surrounded and cannot defend every territory
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    Uncharted 2: was doing rather fine and enjoying it until a bug that stops all my progress showed up about halfway through my game.

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    WoW - only logging in for raids

    Wildstar - only level 24, been way too busy with exams

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    Playing Mount and Blade: Warband

    Doing alright, I play as Swadia, I have 5 towns and about 9 villages/castles and teh Vaegirs got wiped out. Fuck the nords though, they're persistant fuckers.
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