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    Video game's name?

    Hi guys!

    it seems like i can't find a game base on this information can you help me!
    -You build base in space,building resemble some kind of space platform buildings!
    -Every building has its purposes,like building drones , spaceships,battleships,upgrades,Werespacehouse.
    -you can build sentries!
    -like you literaly build buildings in space!
    -there are some kind of green alien ships attaking you based on waves!
    -The main menu of the game haves Futuristic gun!
    -I remember the layout of the maps ,you are in open space ,there is space junk all around you,asteroids,Space pipes, and literally you are in the Frekin space!
    -(NOT SHURE ABOUT THIS ONE) drones harvest materials form the asteroids!
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    Never played it, but maybe Space Engineers?

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    Hi guys!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Davemetalhead View Post
    Never played it, but maybe Space Engineers?
    cc NO. YOu are building your base in space!no space platform for you to build or any meteor ground !It's like building spacebase literary while in space no ground for you to build!It an RTS like game!!

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    Conquest: Frontier Wars? You basically built SC esque buildings around the edge of planets in space. each solar system had wormholes that went to it and there were 3 races, the zerg like Mantis, the Terrans, and the protoss like Celaerons.

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