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    wrapped in some nice present paper

    seriously though... just money so I can buy whatever I really need.
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    i swallow marbles [... ] it is funny when you wake up and can shake your stomach and feel them and hear them

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    Enough money to pay for my driver's license, and a shiny new car.

    .... you asked me what I wanted, not what I realistically could ask for, right?

    In all seriousness though, I really don't care. I'd be fine with not receiving anything at all. If I'm given something, yay bonus, if not, no big deal either way.

    Quote Originally Posted by 0smo View Post
    a hand made madara v3 mask from the naruto manga

    just to complete my cosplay outfit

    To complete the outfit? Are you implying you have sharingan and rinnegan contact lenses? Because I'm pretty sure those would be expensive as hell

    Nicely done masks though, had never seen them before.
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    As a warlock, allow me to be the first to say that I get tremendous amounts of joy from watching fear pathing take you to Africa.
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    Twinking is like going back to school when you are 30, just to be smarter than the other kids.

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    Well since a woman is apparently not a valid option, I'd have to go with ... board games. I lack those at the moment which means I can't invite friends as often, how do you drink booze without drinking games?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panoramixe View Post
    Well since a woman is apparently not a valid option, I'd have to go with ... board games. I lack those at the moment which means I can't invite friends as often, how do you drink booze without drinking games?
    Roll a dice 4 or higher drink a shot.
    20 minutes pass
    Everyone is passed out.

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    Seattle, always cloudy.
    A stand up desk so I can actually study without sitting down for hours on end and coming up with excuses to not stretch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Remilia View Post
    Roll a dice 4 or higher drink a shot.
    20 minutes pass
    Everyone is passed out.
    Are you using one of these?
    The nerve is called the "nerve of awareness". You cant dissect it. Its a current that runs up the center of your spine. I dont know if any of you have sat down, crossed your legs, smoked DMT, and watch what happens... but what happens to me is this big thing goes RRRRRRRRRAAAAAWWW! up my spine and flashes in my brain... well apparently thats whats going to happen if I do this stuff...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackmoves View Post
    Are you using one of these?
    Yes. One of those.

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    A Wii U would be nice considering I like Nintendo, but I also find it unreasonable for somebody to spend 300 bucks on me especially since there are lots of people to buy for and 50-60 bucks is around my max for a present.

    I would honestly like some new Blu-Ray movies to add to my collection, and possibly some good books and clothes and such.

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    Some space and quiet lol. Too many people in one house, too many.

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    Honestly money would be just fine as now I'm out going for interviews etc. and am saving up money to get my A+ and Net+ certs.
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    Not a damn thing honestly. I don't give a crap about presents. I'm sure I'll get a few things though.

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    I don't really know why, but I'd like a PS Vita.

    But I feel like I'm too old for it, and I haven't asked for anything for Christmas since my parents are paying for my education.

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    Honestly? I don't want anything. Every year I ask that instead of giving me gifts that people make donations to a charity. They never do it though.

    I have everything I could ever need, why not give something to somebody who doesn't?

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    I wish to be alone, and not get nagged to go to my family to celebrate christmas again this year. For the sole reason I can't stand my step-father, if however he is gone for work this year, then I will gladly celebrate christmas at home.

    Another on for new years eve is that I fall asleep before they start the fireworks, I hate fireworks XD

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    A girlfriend <_<

    I mean, uh, mint chocolate. Like in an Advent Calendar. Love those things.
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    This is America. We always have warm dead bodies.
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    I hear Trumps favorite ice cream flavors are peach and mint.
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    Moral of the story, all things are solved by a high power to weight ratio.

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    I want this or homedepot gift card(doing some landscaping).

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    1. Jessica Nigri to marry me (NOT a Victorias Secret model, so ha, but she is the hottest girl i've ever seen and the only thing more attractive than her body is her personality)
    2. Gaming laptop for college next year
    3. Clothes
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    come on razor naga!!

    I'm a terrible hotkey user. :I

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    Fuck you, that's where.
    I want a little peace and quiet, but with all the women folk coming here to celebrate that's highly unlikely.
    Something, Something, Something, Dark Side.

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    A just ran out of perfume, so a new one would be great

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