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    In the Shadows
    Crysis 3 and GTA V!
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    bioshock infinite
    god of war;ascension
    luigis mansion 2
    tomb raider
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    Elder Scrolls Online
    Tomb Raider

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    Warhammer Dark Millennium, and just heard that the guys who make Total War have the rights to Warhammer fantasy so what ever game they make.

    Also DoW3 if THQ deciede to make it.
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    In order of excitement:

    Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
    Bioshock Infinite
    GTA V
    Tomb Raider
    Dragon Age: Inquisition
    Quote Originally Posted by Butthurt Beluga View Post
    I'm saddened that at this point in time I can no longer discern satire from reality

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    Quote Originally Posted by orissa View Post
    Mass Effect 4
    Bioshock Infinite
    Dragon Age 3

    You like disappointment?

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    1-Dark Souls II
    2-Dark Souls II
    3-Dark Souls II

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose19 View Post
    You like disappointment?
    Mass Effect FTW

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    Project Eternity,
    New Dragon Age
    Sim City 4

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    Narnia, in your wardrobe watching you sleep
    Planetary Annihilation
    Bioshock Infinite
    The Last of Us
    Watch Dogs
    Tomb Raider
    GTA V
    Elder Scrolls Online

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose19 View Post
    You like disappointment?
    Considering I wasn't disappointed in most of Mass Effect 3 (it was a great game, and with the extended cut, I only hate the part with the catalyst. I love the rest of the game) and considering that if BioWare stays true to Dragon Age:Origins and learns from DA2, then ME4 and DA3 have the potential to be great games.

    As for BS Infinite, BS1 and BS2 were fun games, why would Infinite be a disappointment?

    I am a bit hesitant about DA3, but BW has a real chance of redeeming the DA series with it, so I'm very interest in the game.

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    MGS: Ground Zeroes
    Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    The next Smash Bros., console Zelda, and 3D Mario. Might be a long wait for those, but we all know they're coming.

    Pokemon, Gen 6. I'd rather have Hoenn remakes, but I don't want them stuck on the 5th gen engine and the 10th anniversary has already passed anyway.

    Layton 6, and the Phoenix Wright crossover.

    Also, didn't we just have this thread a few days ago?

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    Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
    Mount & Blade 2
    Grim Dawn

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    menzoberrazan wisconsin
    rome 2:total war
    might and magic x (one can hope)
    also heard they are bringing back black isle studios so icewind dale 3 if that is indeed true or just a rumor.
    bioshock infinite.
    GTA V
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duruka View Post
    MGS: Ground Zeroes
    Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain
    Very yes, that trailer was amazing. Could of used a little less black screen questions though.

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    Project Eternity (although it's release seems to be so far away it's not yet the time to get really excited)
    SimCity (5) (although it would be better without any multiplayer components, nobody wants them in their SimCity games)
    Elder Scrolls Online
    GTA V

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    Lightning Returns: FFXIII
    Luigis Mansion 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naidia View Post
    Very yes, that trailer was amazing. Could of used a little less black screen questions though.
    Yeah. Even if it doesn't turn out to be Metal Gear related, which would surprise me at this point, it should still be a pretty cool game.
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    Disgaea D2
    Disgaea 5

    and possibly FF XIV when it gets released for ps3

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    Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and Metal Gear Solid 5.
    Dark Souls II
    Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
    Animal Crossing 3DS
    Bravely Default

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