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    The Last of Us
    GTA: V
    Star Wars 1313

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    BioShock Infinite
    GTA 5
    Far Cry 3 - Because I still have yet to buy it
    Tomb Raider
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    The lack of Sly Cooper in this thread makes me sad
    Quote Originally Posted by Butthurt Beluga View Post
    I'm saddened that at this point in time I can no longer discern satire from reality

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    Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm
    Elder Scrolls Online
    GTA V

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    pfft as if you care..
    nothing really i havnt checked game news or looked forward to anything in years now i just wait for super cheap steam sales for games i really really really really really want

    ive got CoH2 and rome total war 2 on my steam wishlist but tbh i couldnt care less if i got them or not and will probarly wait for a steam sale as usual

    i went from buying games every week or every other week to maybe once every few years...
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    Bioshock Infinite - the setting, the characters, Sky-Lines, graphics, combat and Elizabeth of course.
    Tomb Raider - never played any other game from the series apart from first TR from 1996. This is the first one that actually looks interesting.
    The Walking Dead Season 2 - #ForClementine ... I have to know what will happen next!
    Mass Effect 4 - this might work if it is not rushed like ME3.

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    The Patient
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    card hunter

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    Most of the games I was looking forward to already came out, hard to think of many in the next generation that I'm excited about. I guess...

    Crysis 3
    Assetto Corsa (driving simulation game on PC)
    Gran Turismo 6 (may not be out on PS3, so could be waiting years)

    Otherwise it's theoretical games that may or may not be in development, may or may not exist in the near future.

    Virtua Fighter 6
    Panzer Dragoon 5
    Halflife 3
    Shenmue 3
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    Heart of the Swarm and the standalone Day Z game

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    - The Elder Scrolls Online
    - Planetary Annihilation
    - Project Eternity
    - GW2 Expansion(s)

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    Monster Hunter 3 - Ultimate, too long of a wait

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    Mainly Tomb Raider, only thing on my radar atm. Oh and the World of Darkness MMO, if that ever happens/produces more than a tech demo.

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    Firefall and SimCity.

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    Grim Dawn
    Legends of Dawn
    Quote Originally Posted by breadisfunny View Post
    might and magic x (one can hope)
    Over 10 years passed since MM 9. We all know it won't happen :/
    There are fans working on some projects though, like here.

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    The Last of Us
    Tomb raider
    Dark souls 2
    GTA 5
    BioShock Infinite
    D3 expansion
    Lots of good games coming out next year

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    Under your desk
    GTA 5 and that is pretty much it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moralio View Post
    Mass Effect 4 - this might work if it is not rushed like ME3.
    It's slated to come out late 2014/early 2015, so doesn't look like they're rushing it.

    We'll see.

    i was not crying in the shower
    i just realized how i'll never get to meet darth vader and then soap got in my eye - Kylo Ren

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