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    Look behind you, and into the distance
    Given the same gear and the level of interest I'd say most of Gladiator level players would be able to do the same. Maybe a little
    slower as he has a ton more experience in soloing stuff and has a pretty good idea what a DK can and can't do but still I don't think
    hes anything special in terms of skill level.
    No, she is most definitely special. Insanely so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulwind View Post
    She may be the best DK at soloing.

    Just like someone else will be the best DK in Arenas, another will be the best in BGs, another one will be the best at raiding. The question is HOW could anyone judge who is the best of ALL? Unless she/he was the best in every single aspect of the game, and some other would still be a better gold farmer, or a better pet battler.

    All of this is off-topic and I'm sorry. I think it is a great feat.
    Glad to see someone gets it.


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    Meanwhile, there are plenty of people in this thread who aren't even close to being the best at anything.

    Mione's guild name is definitely fitting.
    we will be • when you will be no more

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    Quote Originally Posted by Somewowguy View Post
    Mione is neither male or female. Its a program sent from the future by the terminators.

    But ya...I always wondered whats going through ur head when u read all these posts about you. Is ur ego huge? Do u just wanna slap a forum bitch? I think its funny. /curious.
    I try to skim through it and not give it too much attention
    I've read so many things and their opposite.. I'm good, I'm bad, I'm a nerd (owait this one's true), I'm a girl, I'm a guy, I have mad music taste, I have amazing music taste, a monkey could do the same with a geared blood DK, I'm the best DK in the world for pulling off stuff like that...
    Basically I've heard it all and if I started according much attention to it I'd go crazy.
    It's funny to read though!

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    Laughing at all the people that think Mione is girl.

    I used to like watching Mione's kills, then i realized he was a brony faggot...

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    We have a blood solo thread in the DK forum. Also, videos should be posted here:

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