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    Help picking a pc!

    I'm not to great at the specifics of computers so i could use some help picking out a new comp for gaming.




    These are the choices, could these run diablo 3 on say med settings smoothly?

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    First one -> crap
    2nd one -> best one for gaming but I don't really have a clue if this card is able to run D3 but I have to guess it should run D3 at low settings fine?
    3rd one -> crap

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    Anything with an integrated graphics card sucks. Out of the bunch the best one is the second one. But then again that PSU is really weak. If you have the money try to get a decent 500w+ PSU.

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    all options OP listed got sucky graphics for a desktop.
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    Everything that's been linked this far is crap for gaming. Option nr. 2 is the "best" of them but it's like putting glitter on a turd, it's still crap.
    You'll have to go up to at least ~700$ to get anything even remotely decent for gaming (and don't expect ultra quality), you can maybe get by with ~600 if you build it yourself.

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    Building it yourself is not as hard as you might think it is. There are loads of guides online to show you how to do it. You'll get a much better PC if you build your own then the ones you listed.

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    None of those are good for gaming you really need to increase that price limit.
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