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    Smile Retrospective. Really good changes that have been made to WoW.

    You can argue the merit of allot of changes, but I think we can all be really glad they changed.

    For Example:
    -(Hunter) Pets running away if you didn't feed them often enough.
    -Ammo/Arrow Bags. Ammo/Arrows in general.
    -Rogues needing to keep stacks of throwing daggers.
    -Warlocks losing bag space to soulstones
    (Yes I realize most of mine are bag space related. I had tiny bags in Vanilla.)

    Your own recollections, please!

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    Transmog, LFG, Neutral Races.
    "I quit WoW."

    If I say it's Azshara next enough times, eventually I'll be right. So here we go again. It's got to be Azshara next, so get ready for the Sylvanas expansion we inevitably get instead!

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    I guess the number one thing for me would be Dungeon finder. I hated having to get a group together that would take an hour, and having to go there and summon everyone else, just to have someone leave before everyone got there.
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    LFD and LFR - As much as people like to hate and make fun of these two additions. In reality everyone loves it. Need a heroic before work? Good luck getting 4 people from your server to go as well as fly to the summoning stone for the lazy people. It is a quality of life issue.

    Transmog - You should always be able to look like what you want, Within reason of course. More customization is always a nice thing!

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    Transmoq, LFD, LFR, RBGs, You can enter a Raid without having to be in a Raid Group, MoP Glyphs & Real ID Cross Server Stuff.

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    - Transmog
    - Acc-wide titles/mounts/pets
    - LFD / LFR
    - No more camping in Arathi for AB que (queueing from anywhere)
    - Flying mounts
    - Making minor glyphs "fun"
    - More minipets
    - Real ID
    - Cross-realm

    And I can't wait to add updated player models to that list.

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    Ferals are taken seriously now as tanks and dps and even to some extent (grumble, TBC arena bullshit) in pvp. It sucked so hard with spec balance in vanilla.

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    I'll just speak for my own class;

    - Being able to conjure more than 10 (?) food or water at a time.
    - Food and water rolled into one.
    - Arcane being changed from a support tree to a 'real' damage tree.
    - Being unable to hit Blink on accident while on a flight path just to dismount in the middle of nowhere.
    - Not having the -0.5 second cast time talents of the old talent system also reduce the spell damage coefficient. That was really dumb.
    - Ignite Munching fixed!
    - Not having to do dungeon runs in order to obtain the highest spell ranks.

    - Being able to blink over a pebble or floor board... oh wait.
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