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    Smile Retrospective. Really good changes that have been made to WoW.

    You can argue the merit of allot of changes, but I think we can all be really glad they changed.

    For Example:
    -(Hunter) Pets running away if you didn't feed them often enough.
    -Ammo/Arrow Bags. Ammo/Arrows in general.
    -Rogues needing to keep stacks of throwing daggers.
    -Warlocks losing bag space to soulstones
    (Yes I realize most of mine are bag space related. I had tiny bags in Vanilla.)

    Your own recollections, please!

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    I guess the number one thing for me would be Dungeon finder. I hated having to get a group together that would take an hour, and having to go there and summon everyone else, just to have someone leave before everyone got there.
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    LFD and LFR - As much as people like to hate and make fun of these two additions. In reality everyone loves it. Need a heroic before work? Good luck getting 4 people from your server to go as well as fly to the summoning stone for the lazy people. It is a quality of life issue.

    Transmog - You should always be able to look like what you want, Within reason of course. More customization is always a nice thing!

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    Transmoq, LFD, LFR, RBGs, You can enter a Raid without having to be in a Raid Group, MoP Glyphs & Real ID Cross Server Stuff.
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    - Transmog
    - Acc-wide titles/mounts/pets
    - LFD / LFR
    - No more camping in Arathi for AB que (queueing from anywhere)
    - Flying mounts
    - Making minor glyphs "fun"
    - More minipets
    - Real ID
    - Cross-realm

    And I can't wait to add updated player models to that list.

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    Ferals are taken seriously now as tanks and dps and even to some extent (grumble, TBC arena bullshit) in pvp. It sucked so hard with spec balance in vanilla.

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    I'll just speak for my own class;

    - Being able to conjure more than 10 (?) food or water at a time.
    - Food and water rolled into one.
    - Arcane being changed from a support tree to a 'real' damage tree.
    - Being unable to hit Blink on accident while on a flight path just to dismount in the middle of nowhere.
    - Not having the -0.5 second cast time talents of the old talent system also reduce the spell damage coefficient. That was really dumb.
    - Ignite Munching fixed!
    - Not having to do dungeon runs in order to obtain the highest spell ranks.

    - Being able to blink over a pebble or floor board... oh wait.
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