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    CLC DK - getting soul reaper into the rotation?

    Hey all,

    I just grabbed CLC DK to help influence my rotation when playing Frost. I noticed that there is no option to include Soul Reaper into the rotation for when a MOB is < 35% health. I was curious if I'm overlooking an option in the add-on to put this in, or if I'm correct in that it is not currently possible?

    Are you using a power/weak aura to help you start spamming Soul Reaper when a mob is below 35% health? If so, I'd love an import on that.

    Thanks either way for any advice.

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    I use a really helpfull way to see when to start using SR: target UI frame :O
    Death Knight -> Italiandk
    Shaman -> Cashrain
    Paladin -> Healyoutru
    Priest -> Ängel
    Monk -> Skadoosh
    Mage -> Icydeath

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    To enable:
    1. Go into the AddOns -> CLC_DK folder.
    2. Open CLC_DK.lua.
    3. Search for the following "--Soul Reaper" (without quotes).
    4. Remove all "--" (without quotes) in the few lines below the search query.
    5. Do the same for every spec you wish to enable Soul Reaper for (just keep searching for the same query, there are 4 of them)

    Something like this:

    			--Soul Reaper
    			--if ((death >= 1 or frost <= 0) and UnitHealth("target")/UnitHealthMax("target") < 0.35) then
    			--	start, dur =  GetSpellCooldown(spells["Soul Reaper"])
    			--	if (isOffCD (start, dur)) then
    			--		return CLCDK:GetRangeandIcon(icon, spells["Soul Reaper"])
    			--	end
    --Soul Reaper
    			if ((death >= 1 or frost <= 0) and UnitHealth("target")/UnitHealthMax("target") < 0.35) then
    				start, dur =  GetSpellCooldown(spells["FSoul Reaper"])
    				if (isOffCD (start, dur)) then
    					return CLCDK:GetRangeandIcon(icon, spells["FSoul Reaper"])
    Note: That's SR for two different specs, don't just copy them.
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    I am using weak auras to help with soul reaper... Have it set on 2 triggers (first when mob is below 35% health, seconds when SR is not already on a mob) second trigger is needed otherwise you get spammed every time you have a rune for it even thou the ability is on cd, specially in blood spec. I don't have any graphical pop up but a custom sound that yells soul reaper at me every-time i can use it. string for weak auras is:

    d0JXeaGEPK0ljOYUes2MqkMPuP5kbZwu3MiDtOiNMuFtI0NHQDkI9sTBvTFju)KGYWKsnoHu1LbdLGmyPedNOoOi1P Kq4yIKxlLulKalLezXeXYv5HqHEQYYKqQNdzIqrnvjnzcnDuxek1vfsPNjvCDeBKGQomsBMe2Uu1hfsLVkLetdk47s eJuIQ)ssJwkgpuYjjrnpjeDnjkNxiESqnkjK8Bb7uU6j1t0t0vV4qoCU6em4K2rvAzM9ipFACC4C1J8A2JPhoWM94t JJdNRECezWdXuMG8iiqTbOzUXs8KHlgEUbOzUXRtzEKxZEm9Wb2JGavYRzlWJ8qp8ShLWbpccuLHlgEUbOzUXc8KHl gEUbOzUrnidhLdNxrA2tuJIpGb1lWuwhEN02Rb04nSts5DbMYGf4Ldurx9iiqnotrilW7czWvpPKmRD1SzpccuJdsL qzlWlotrix9q6hpdEyg701YfUeLJUYRMn7Pi880Tk4KOXtQ(UWzjEhGRdFnIm4PJdVNKm8IykicEc6IDcM9OXSo8ix 9qm9yx9edQOa5fTapuG8IEf3smbXbPEOa5fvLPCJNYpdNcAmuiTOOWEuHwbOTon5OOcyce10clqEruHfizLaQmCrjv UJhkqEr14g6)q2dtuedNzZEmGftoWRcyXKdqfMmKZPJzDpL1Hxy9WLPrqfWooRLrG6iVhLWblXJkkQzD4Pzv(044WH C1jPC1JpnooCU6XrKbpetzcYJ8qp8ShLWbpccu1FpCiWc8GE4zpmgczXqjFXTi0fWpaHkULIAYqoxeEiIeOhEwOduO XYBcHD3UEeeOIKHCoHkfSapYRzp5mncCEiIeOhEEefk0y5PIX0RQUAALQEeeOsEnBbEiziNtOsbNKQt7s7uMzpYZNg hhox9qYqoNqLcojvN2L2PmZMDsr7QhFACC4C1JJidEuYr9qejqp88ikuOXYtfJPxvD10kv9cL8c7ZrSapOhE2RCGM5 gperc0dpl0bk0y5nHWUBxp93dhcSaVNkfqU6KuElqYf3IsavgoZEKxZEm9Wb2teKquOOgrg8kh7Ucj8rBxZEKNpnoo CUA2SzpTO3cK8buz48krlYnojL3tKwpnooCiN0X7cmL1H3jT9e1i5mnIYXH3t5NHtbngkOCC4rfslrN1CevLc4eqDn uXqjyM(XGzpKxQOWquLgv0717KuyODBZ2a

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    Thanks so much guys, this is EXTREMELY helpful!

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