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    What has been your WoW anti drug?

    So i know im not the only one whos at least temporarily stopped playing WoW due to the current expansion being... of less than stellar quality, but eventually i played some other stuff that got their claws in me like how WoW used to -which kind of illuminated me to the current "this isnt actually fun by comparison" problems with Warlords.

    I'm not the only one currently taking a break, what got you good and manage to draw you from the mmo behemoth?

    Personally, while FFXIV is everything i want in MMO's right now i lost literally hundreds, if not a thousand or two hours of my life to Dark Souls/Dark Souls 2 and Monster Hunter the last 6 months. Mostly because i was getting what i no longer got from WoW. Hard fights, exploration, multiplayer and item grinding that kept me coming back for more and with Bloodbornes expansion and MonHun Cross on the Horizon i've got plenty more to keep giving me what i really want in my online rpg/action gameplay right now.

    What weaned you off WoW with its comparative gameplay or quality positives?

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    I stopped playing at the beginning of the Cataclysm expansion. What stopped me from playing? Well it was WoW, I was just tired of the game. Sometimes you just tire of something, no real secret.

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    Played since February 2006, have had a great time, but i guess the community killed it for me, friends don't want to do the same things i want (pvp), i tried raiding, but after seeing how people behaved in raids, just got me bored of it, so much whining and "lootwhoring". People did not show up for raids, raids getting canceled. People switching guilds etc, friends migrating to other servers etc etc. It's no fun playing an MMO on your own imo. So this may was the last month i had a subscription, got no intention on re-subbing until 6.2 at it's earliest. Just to check out the new content.

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    Honestly the way WoD has been handled pretty much put me off MMORPGs in general.

    Instead I've just moved back into Shogun 2, War Thunder, CoH2 and Diablo.

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    Funnily enough I just recently re-subbed back into WoW after a 5 month break - although I'm only playing TBC stuff on a new boosted DK.

    Otherwise it's D3, Wildstar and Age of Empire II HD.

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    I picked up Borderlands 2 during a steam sale back in March. I'll be damned if I haven't fallen in love with this game and can't believe I didn't play it sooner (its been out since like around 2012 with a bunch of DLC's). I can't help but think about how the main antagonist, Handsome Jack is so well written and they do such a good job at making me totally freaking hate him over the course of the game story. I think Bliz could learn a bit about motivating their playerbase in how Handsome Jack communicates, taunts, attacks, retaliates against you.

    Thinking about Cities: Skylines and I don't freaking know why...but Farming Simulator 2015.

    Totally laying in wait for No Man's Sky as well.
    No plans of coming back to WoW least not without some significant changes.

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    The irony and perhaps the paradox is that wow is the best anti wow.

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    the coincidence and the funny thing is that wow is the best anti wow

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    I still raid in wow but it takes us 1 night to clear farm and then I have the rest of the week to do whatever.

    I typically play other MMO's in this time, though recently I played mh4u which was great until all my friends just up and stopped and its hard to find motivation to play once you're already capped on everything except relics without other people driving you to play.

    Currently I'm derping around on tera because free and why not. It's definitely extremely rough around the edges, but the more I play it the more I enjoy the combat which is currently distracting from the games less attractive bits.

    aaand yeah... not much grabs me anymore. I've been struggling for a while to find new and innovative games that don't make the same learned mistakes that every other company has and it just doesn't seem to exist.

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    WoD did the trick for me. And also CS:GO.

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    Not to be a debbie downer but 40 hour work weeks and trying my damnedest to date, as well as directing theatre and working out 6 days a week...yeah its a group effort but all things total up to a pretty effective anti-wow.

    That and it just plain blows right now that if I do sub I'm so far behind in the app-game gated content that there's really no point anyway. So all that and WoW itself keeps me from playing WoW.
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    Honestly toss up of Wildstar and Mortal Kombat X atm.
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    Cata was my big quit.
    And I left for... Rift =)
    And after that played other games. Had a break between nov 2011 - jun 2014, so quite some time.
    Returned to play MoP a month or two, took a break again, returned to xpac and played to february and took a break until tokens launched in EU.
    Only logging in for garrisons, I currently enjoy playing Heroes of the storm more... it's a fun game =)
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    Dota 2. Competitive atmosphere and more depth than you can shake a stick at. Love it.

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    Still better than WoD
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    Modded Skyrim followed by Witcher 3, now (Since i'm waiting for witcher 3 to get patched so it's playable again) i spend most of my time watching TV, porn and browsing imgur for a laugh.

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    Started EVE Online about 6 weeks ago, now I have 3 accounts for it

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    I stopped playing around the end of MoP. I just couldn't see any reason to pay a monthly sub for an MMO anymore. The majority of my friends had already stopped playing and there are far too many solid MMOs out there without a subscription these days. For when I do get that MMO itch, I play Guild Wars 2 or SWTOR. Otherwise I have mostly been playing single player games that I missed over the past few years like GTA V, Saint's Row IV, Ni No Kuni, Deus Ex, and so on. At some point I think I will pick up WoD when I can do so for cheap and resub for a month just to play through the leveling content but I highly down I will ever become a regular WoW subscriber again.

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    Pokemon (online pvp), Wakfu (mmo) and loads of mods to try on older games. (Mental omega is my favorite)

    And some newer games from time to time. (quit for good in middle of pandaland)

    Wow was just the same every time each expansion --) Go lvl in your best gear, replace it with greens, farm dungeons, farm raids and pvp a bit, whine for next expansion and so on. Then repeat the process.

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    I guess overall EVE Online would be that, but I don't play it as much as I used to play wow. Currently the witcher 3 has been it and hearts of iron 4 when that comes out.

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