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    "The high RP cost of DRW makes it an unattractive skill. For 60 RP, is it worth it?"

    Using ams wisely nets you full runic power = instant DRW

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalenah View Post
    I'm trying to find DRW on WoL reports but I'm not seeing it anywhere. Not even for top blood dk dps parses. Also, he said he's glyphed for DRW and that lowers it's damage by 25%. Should he remove this glyph? The high RP cost of DRW makes it an unattractive skill. For 60 RP, is it worth it?

    How are his talents/glyphs? http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...waltz/advanced
    1. tell him to get 4set as fast as he can (even if he has to downgrade his chest / shoulders to a 483, it's worth it).
    2. DRW is a bad glyph, get rid of it.
    3. Glyph of VB isn't always a good thing, he needs to know when to use it.
    4. Purg, same as above. Can and should be replaces with LB for some, if not most, fights.
    5. Untill he gets his basic stuff together, I'd advice against Blood Tap as it just gives you more things to look out for that you don't really need. RE gives the most runes but can fuck up your rune timers a little, RC is the most "beginner" friendly.
    6. Plague Leech can be debated to be a good talent, I just prefer keeping Rolling Blood since it is quite a big dps upgrade to get your dots rolling on more than 1 target. Of course if he knows how / when to use Plague Leech it can be better, but overall I still prefer Plague Leech.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kendeura View Post
    Of course, you're right. If you can get 2 HBs for the same runes as 1 Oblit, obviously throw out HBs. Doesn't mean you should discredit Oblit's strength though.
    Think there was some math on it on EJ(iirc), it ended up being PS > D&D > Oblit for using UH runes. Obviously at some point you have to use Oblit, but it isn't optimal. I'm not saying don't use it, I'm saying don't use it when you don't NEED to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sentientsix View Post
    "The high RP cost of DRW makes it an unattractive skill. For 60 RP, is it worth it?"

    Using ams wisely nets you full runic power = instant DRW
    what does ams stand for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalenah View Post
    what does ams stand for?
    Anti-Magic Shell.

    Also to note, DRW is one of the biggest DPS cd's for any class. A 100% damage increase for 12 seconds is extremely beast.

    For fights where survivability with regard to melee damage is not a concern, DRW should be used on cool-down to maximize dps. Make sure he uses Outbreak with DRW up to apply double diseases to the target. If there is more than one target while DRW is active, immediately pop Outbreak followed by Pestilence to spread double diseases to each target (as the Roiling Blood talent does not cause the DRW to spread diseases). Also, Pestilence should also be used just before DRW falls off to create the longest duration of double diseases on multiple targets. For fights like Wind-Lord, this creates some insane numbers.

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