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    Post New Hardcore 10M - LF Select Roles



    If you are interested in what type of guild LordsofDarkness is then you are encouraged to visit our website. You will find quite a bit of information. If you should have any questions, comments, or concerns pertaining to this specific recruitment thread and this team then you may pass those along either by:

    • Posting here in this thread.
    • Sending me a PM on this website.
    • Posting on my guild's website.
    • Contacting me in game directly.
    • Adding me to Real ID via BattleTag


    Realm Details:

    • Realm Name: Fenris
    • Realm Datacenter Location: Phoenix, Arizona
    • Realm Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)

    Raid Details:

    • Raid Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday
    • Raid Time: 2100 - 0100 EST
    • Invite Time: 2045 EST
    • Loot Distribution: EPGP / Loot Council
    • Attendance Requirement: 100%*

    * This schedule and its respective requirements are a reflection of our progression raid schedule. This means that if all current content is not completed on heroic mode then we will maintain this schedule. Once content is on "farm" status then, naturally, this schedule will dramatically be adjusted to the amount of time needed simply to clear the content.

    While the 100% attendance is a requirement I do realize that life does come up and absolutely prevents a person from being online. However life does not do this every single day, every single week, and every single month. If you wish to be a member of this raid team then you are expected to make appropriate adjustments in your schedule to be there pending any real life emergency / act of God / etc. You have 9 other people depending on you just as you should depend on the other 9 people to be there as well.

    Available Spots:

    • Blood Death Knight
    • Mistweaver Monk
    • Retribution Paladin
    • Beast Master Hunter
    • Mage(Any Spec)

    Website & Contact Information:


    If you're interested then you are encouraged to visit the website. From there you will want to read over our guild rules and our recruitment page. Register and submit your application for review and you will be contacted within a 24 hour time frame.
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    Let's go back to the front page.
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    Servers are down. This is a great time to go check out our website if you're interested in hardcore raiding.
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    Extended maintenance ended early.
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    It's been a long day... and the great news is it's not close to being over yet.
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    Good morning.
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    Lunch was good.
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    Back to the top.
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    2122. Do you know where YOUR warrior is?
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    Lunch time.
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    Hmm. Back up top.
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    Back to the top before dinner. Speaking of dinner... wonder what I should make....
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    Up top. Again. Hungry. Again.
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    Morning. Another push to the top.
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    Installed Windows 8. Slacked off on the post. Back up top!
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    Sick today. Oh well. Still need to push this up top.
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    Still sick. Gonna break this fever again today... I can feel it coming.
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    Waiting in line @ the Brawler's Arena.....
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    Good morning.
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    Yay! A Rolling Restart Tuesday.
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