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    Angry rogues are too OP in patch 5.0.4 BULLLSHAT

    srsly i mean liek cumon, their liek too tough 4 me. i am a blood death knight and i cant kill one, they need to be nerfed by Blizz!1!!!1 ... 1 patch later ... Blizzard: "Rogues are hard as shit and mages aren't OP anymore."

    omg wtf blizz u suck comon this is BULLSHAT FUCK THIS GAME ARHGHGHGHASH >(((((((((( <-- angry face so u know im angry!!!!!111!!1!!1!1
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    LOL first!

    Please make your post important this is a dumb and pointless thread

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    I don't get it

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    Quote Originally Posted by omghesbalance View Post
    LOL first!

    Please make your post important this is a dumb and pointless thread
    no u !

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    psssst, OP? We are currently in patch 5.10a.... soooooooooooooo... me all types of confoozled. Plus, I think your keyboard is a tad broken. Best ask Santa Claus for a new one!
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    Let's not create spam threads please.

    Also, please report and don't respond if you see a spam thread; otherwise, you'll be infracted as well.

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