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    It depends where you live. In Korea there is laws protecting gamer's blizzard has to obey them TOS be damed.

    Blizzard has lost to there laws many times even here recent with Diablo 3.

    It all depends where you live at on how/If you can fight the TOS of any game.

    The Tos is not above the law and it has been proven many times.

    Weather or not this broke any law in korea is another story and because the account was not made in korea it still mite not be able to help you.

    I would contact blizzard good chance they will do a region change.
    they don't do region changes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illiterate View Post
    they don't do region changes
    Ya they do they have many times and even many people who have replyed to topic's like this have had there region change
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    Scratch what I have said.
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