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    I asked y'day about my parts - HDD will not work need help please.

    First time installing a HDD of my own (internal hdd) and i'm using a WDC Black 1tb hdd.

    I plugged it in, connected the sata and such, booted up, and computer shows nothing, in the Bios it shows under boot menu / even in device manager.

    http://i.imgur.com/uhNo3.png - Device manager
    http://i.imgur.com/SGPJQ.png - Computer

    please help me ^^

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    2 things come to mind
    Checked that the Sata connector is in the right place, some MB's have raid ones which will only show up in the Raid Bios (Different screen) these aer usually a different color.
    Might need to update your bios.

    Edit - Read it all wrong

    ok it could be that you need to "import" the drive into the computer This is not as daft as it might sound

    Right click on "computer" in the start menu and goto manage
    Click on Disk Managment, depending on amount of drives will take a momement to load
    Choose the new drive (make sure its the correct one)
    Right click and select "new Simple Volume"
    you should then be able to right click and format the drive.
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    Nvm i'm stupid lol i ran format settings now, onto a disk driver i never heard off, i now have a 965mb disk (which has to be it), i used the normal NTFS settings... Sorry.

    - Edit

    Cheers Siggma, fast reply sorry for wasting your time though, i thought to format you had to locate the driver in the computer menu, silly me lol

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    No worries.
    Happy to help, and happy you got it sorted.

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