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    Quote Originally Posted by Demetrion View Post
    From tank perspective "Will of the Emperor" wins over anything else I've done this tier.
    This right here for me. Loving the dancing mechanic quite often getting in the top 5 DPS due to this! Quite a lot of the fights are tank orientated and ive enjoyed getting back into it (had to shake off a lot of rust and since im at a new job with different hours and new priorities I can only do LFR!)

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    Grand Empress HC was decent imo, had most of the things needed to make something good.

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    stone guards
    zorl'ok or something along that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Demetrion View Post
    From tank perspective "Will of the Emperor" wins over anything else I've done this tier.
    Indeed, this all the way. One of the best fights.

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    Feng the Accursed, he may not be the toughest of them all but the fight is fun and has some interesting mechanics.
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    Elegon Normal is good fight.

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    H Wind Lord, cause I like huge numbers

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    Did amber shaper last night actually, got reshape life on myself for the entirety of P2 and then with that the first person in P3 to have it. 6 times in a row or around that, was amazing. 1mil crits by the end of the fight is also too good. Really actually enjoyed it to add to my original bosses.
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    1: Elagon
    2: Blade Lord
    3: Stoneguard (mostly because it felt very rewarding once i learned to tank it, tanking it on 25m was even that much better.)

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    Feng HC, Elegon HC.

    I don't feel any other boss compares to these two.
    I didn't like the "feel" of HoF. And Garalon is just a horrible boss imo. First 2 were probably most fun.
    Terrace is in general cool, but nothing special to point out.
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    HC Imperial Vizier Zor'lok. It has so much fun variety and really excellent pacing.

    Attenuation is by far my favourite mechanic of the tier so far.

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