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    Nami, new support!


    As a support main, I'm super excited for this. I'll update this first post as more info is available.
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    DAMMIT I was just saving up to buy a top laner. Oh well. I need to have ALL the supports, because I'm a support main, too. Looks cool, can't wait to hear more.

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    I saw her on Reddit earlier. Looks like I understood that "no shoes" hint pretty well. My guesses were Banshee/Mermaid thing.

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    I'm pretty excited. Been looking for a water based support for a while, and we're finally getting one Can't wait to see her abilities~
    I just started doing "Let's Play" videos on YouTube. If you are into that kind of thing, please check it out and subscribe if you like it!

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    I'll defenitely keep an eye on this champion. I love to play support, and the mermaid theme seems nice. Its been a while since a new champ actually made me excited, so hopefully they'll do a good job when creating her.

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    Looks cool but I hope they make her simple instead of the "Omg, she has 8 spells" kind of thing that is happening lately. Lets wait for her preview.

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    Love the pic

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    No resemblence of the OnePiece character with the same name, thinking about her as a support was fun when reading the thread title. XD

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    Fluffy Kitten Majad's Avatar
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    I think I'll buy her, she looks super amazing, we'll see.

    I have high hopes for her.
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    oh nice she is sooo kawaii

    ill look into her abilities then buy her if she sounds awsome :P
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    I srsly came.. She looks amazing and she's support can't be much better!
    Definitely going to buy her asap

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    She is soo cute...I can almost imagine her cutee voice huh. Must have her.
    But this OnePiece relation wasn't needed. Anime just had cute mermaid chapter + Nami from OP...heh.

    I soo much wanna Riot to give her Nautilus's voice and just copy his sentences, to troll us all!!! That could be mind-blowing.
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    lol another week to not spend RP yay

    Will be missed ~

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    Pandaren Monk personn5's Avatar
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    Found at [email protected], her abilities:

    Other changes here: http://www.surrenderat20.net/2012/11...pbe-patch.html

    Edit time, video is out, here's what they all look like:
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    Herald of the Titans Kuthe's Avatar
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    She's so cool.
    Insta buy with skin.
    Me <3 Support.

    So keen to update my PBE [email protected]
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    Brewmaster Snaige's Avatar
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    Looks adorable, can't wait to try her out merrrrmaid!

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    I also thought of the One Piece character, honestly.

    So wow. Tidal Wave looks pretty slick. And I dig the artillery strike feel on the Q.

    I'm interested in what people think of that passive.

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    Fluffy Kitten Axethor's Avatar
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    Talk about your pure support. None of her spells damage minions, so she cant clear minion waves to save her life. So the only people playing her should be playing her support! Woot!

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    High Overlord Liquephyre's Avatar
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    Looks like Janna's sister!
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    I lied, her Q damages minions. It's got a decent cooldown though and a really shitty AP ratio, so if anyone tries to play her in a position other than support they are really trying to force it.

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