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    What would be the best profession for pvp ?

    Hey guys, my main profession is jewelcrafting and I don't have a second one. So what profession would you recommend to me as a PvP player ?

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    Engineering if you really want too min/max

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    Depends on your class really. For any dps except maybe frost dk, the engineering + blacksmithing one is the best.

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    Engineering is excellent for frost dk. It's actually arguably better for them than anyone else....

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    blacksmithing, 2 extra 320 pvp power sockets
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    1920 main stat share cd with trinkets......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoneimal View Post
    1920 main stat share cd with trinkets......
    Only Blacksmithing can get PvP Power bonuses, so why would you rather have an extra 160 primary stat versus a mini-burst 1 min cd for pressure? Plus ntro boosts.

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    Blacksmithing easily.

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    Yeah, BS for the pvppower, engi for the burst/mobility. No questions there.

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