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    RealID Bugging out! :3

    Pic explains everything.. "43 years"? xD

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    Thanks for answering my question in a condescending prick way. Have a great day.

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    Ahahah XDDDDD


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    Known bug, there was a blue post on it a day or two ago I think.

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    Known bug, there was a blue post on it a day or two ago I think.
    Not only known, but old bug; there is a screen shot on my guild forums of the same thing happening like a month after the launch of the RID system.
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    They know about it and it isn't game breaking. Somepeople its fixed than new people get it.
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    TL;DR: Did raiding kill WoW? Nope. But catering the game to people who clearly shouldn't be playing it did.

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