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    Quote Originally Posted by dakalro View Post
    You do realize the simple fact that you take 1-10 more resets to kill it gives you a ton more gear? With 15 bosses to kill every week?

    And on the topic of champion, it's Method. Paragon has yet to actually be challenged by any 10 man guild, nobody is even close. BL and Method actually had to race against someone.
    I agree with you, but with every week all raidgrps get a new set of bosses and would be exactly on the same equal standing (10s a little bit more rng than 25).

    Twinkruns are extra loot rolls for a select few in a twinkrun and then you pick the best players with the best gear for the real raidgrp, and that is like 25man gear in 10man raids during wrath.

    So yes it is normal that a raidgp gets stronger each reset, but the "world first" contenders use the game mechanics that allow this kind of behaviour with gear funneling. And Paragon brought this behaviour to 10man raidgrps, where this gear funneling is much less common. (Granted, overall the amount of guilds doing multiple twinkruns for gear funneling is pretty small)

    Champions with equal footing is not possible with rng loot and different raid setups even in the same raidsize, but abusing game mechanics to doule or triple the amount of gear received each week does not surmount to the the better raidgrp in my opinion, and it gets to the point where the ilvl advantage is to big an advantage.

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    Method forever second. Can't ignore Paragon's World Firsts even if it was on 10man.

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    First is first. Some fights were more difficult on 10, some on 25, so overall it balances out. First is first when it comes to heroic modes, 10 or 25.

    Also if there was a 10 man guild getting world firsts back when Paragon was raiding 25 mans, I'd still be saying first is first and congratulating the 10 man guild. But there wasn't, so it's a moot point.
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    this thread will get locked so quickly..

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    Nothing good will come of this thread.

    The best solution is still to say:

    Method world first 25 man
    Paragon world first 10 man.
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    I'm sorry I'm locking this. Check wowprogress there is your real winners.
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