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    How was God created from nothing (according to believers)?

    How was God created in the first place?
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    Not but I guess the post will get locked my friend religion is against the forum rules

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    god came from the god-egg

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    Lock incoming. Prepare the flares.

    In an effort to answer the matter seriously however, they just pull up the fact he's Omnipotent, has no beginning etc, etc. You can't logically argue about a being that isn't based upon logic.

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    Is this a parody to



    You'd have been better off to just post in that thread, I don't think a mod will leave this open. (But who knows how the mods will react. I on't.)

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    Incoming lock. But you know, the whole Alpha and Omega thing.
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    Someone once gave me a hypothesis as to how something could come from nothing that I found quite interesting.

    So under our current understanding of the universe, things cannot spontaneously come in to existence. It defies our laws of physics. However, perhaps in another universe, spontaneous matter creation would not defy the laws of physics. Therefore, the possibility exists that all matter and energy in our universe came here from another universe where reality has different core mechanics.

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    God wasn't created.
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    I think the belief is that he was always there, and everything else was nothing. Then he made something of it. But yeah, this will be locked soon. Religious-based threads never end well.

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    Made up != created.

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    Threads like this are forbidden, especially this one because it'll bring religion and that's against forum rules.


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