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    Pvp ganker solution

    I see many topics about ganking, pvp and possible solutions last couple of weeks. So i came with a solution which is kinda cool, i think.

    The system makes some sort of bounty on your head when you have killed the same person more than 3 times. Then it decreases the honor gained by 25% and if 0 it increases honor with 25% on your head.

    This is how it works.

    Bounty level 0: not yet killed someone.

    Bounty level 1: Killer kills player of oppossing faction for the 1st time:
    - nothing happens

    Bounty level 2: Killer kills player of oppossing faction for the 2nd time (within 3 minutes from the last kill):
    - 100% - 25% = 75% honor gained
    - system adds 100% honor + 25% honorbonus = 125% honor on killers head.

    Bounty level 3: Killer kills player of oppossing faction for the 3rd time (within 3 minutes from the last kill):
    - 75% - 25% = 50% honor gained
    - system adds 125% + 25% honorbonus = 150% honor on killers head.

    Bounty level 4: Killer kills player of oppossing faction for the 4th time (within 3 minutes from the last kill):
    - 50% - 25% = 25% honor gained
    - system adds 150% + 25% honorbonus = 175% honor on killers head.

    Bounty level 5: Killer kills player of oppossing faction for the 5th time (within 3 minutes from the last kill):
    - 25% - 25% = 0% honor gained
    - system adds 175% + 25% honorbonus = 200% honor on killers head.
    - Announcement in chat: Alliance / Horde assassin <playername> is active in this region!

    Bounty level 6: Killer kills player of oppossing faction for the 6th time (within 3 minutes from the last kill):
    - 0 - 25% = 0% honor gained
    - 1 conquest point on killers head.
    - Announcement in chat: Alliance / Horde assassin <playername> is on a killing spree in this region!

    Bounty level 7: Killer kills player of oppossing faction for the 7th time (within 3 minutes from the last kill):
    - 0 - 25% = 0% honor gained
    - 2 conquest points on killers head.
    - Announcement in chat: Alliance / Horde assassin <playername> is rampaging in this region!

    Bounty level 8: Killer kills player of oppossing faction for the 8th time (within 3 minutes from the last kill):
    - 0 - 25% = 0% honor gained
    - 3 conquest points on killers head.
    - Announcement in chat: Alliance / Horde assassin <playername> is unstoppable in this region! Kill on sight!
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    While I hate being camped by some level 90 on my7 70 alt, banning players for ganking isn't the way to go.

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    What you call ganking is actually the CORE of world or warcraft.
    It is fighting players and sometimes ganking and griefing players for hours on end that is warcraft,
    not killing monsters og playing pokemon.
    It is designed and meant to be this way.
    If you cannot handle it re roll on a rp/pve server.

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    I just think they should deduct honor points for ganking players significantly lower than your level, and honor points should be allowed to go into the negative with this change.

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    Wow, banning players for something that is intended to happen on a pvp server?
    Sorry bro but if you can't deal with gankers, roll on a pve server.

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    Stop solving non existant problems.

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    There is an option at the very start of World of Warcraft 'picking the PvE realm' also an option; realm change aka. migration, i started wow playing on a pvp realm and i knew what was coming, that is how it works some1 may gang you while lvling and if you are lucky they won't, i had many different experiences with the alts i have raised over the years in wow. Sometimes i had really bad luck and had to log with another toon and sometimes i hited to top lvl of the expension without a world pvp situation. Your feedback is totaly meaningless and no1 would ever consider it since there has always been the PVE option.

    Btw i can suggest you to take a look to the name of the game you play and cry about.

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    Ganker kills victim 8th time: 0 - 25% = 0 honor / system bans the player for 24 hours from the game.
    if you can't handle pvp there are plenty of pve servers

    and there is no problem that would be needed to be fixed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeror View Post
    Ganker kills victim 8th time: 0 - 25% = 0 honor / system bans the player for 24 hours from the game.
    Or ganker is killed.
    Announcement in chat: Alliance / Horde assassin <playername> is assassinated!
    So your solution is to ban people who choose to PvP on PvP servers / those who enable PvP on PvE realms? Yea, that's a good way of keeping people playing.

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    This would just make one more thing that people will abuse for easy honor.
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    In other words, stop breaking shit with your fat ass.

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    lol go back to your PvE server Kthaix

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    Your "solution" isn't needed, as there isn't a "problem"

    Don't like being ganked, don't play on a PvP server in an online game. It's really that simple.

    There will always be people, who like to act like an arsehole, as it makes them feel big and clever. However, when you join an online game, many more people can be an arsehole because they can hide behind online anonymity. If you don't like it, don't play with them (ie DON'T GO ON PVP REALMS duh) then the problem goes away. If you still want to play on PvP realms, quit bitching about it

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    What situation? people complaining about being ganked has been going on for a long time. started the game in bc, people were complaining about it then and begging for dhks to come back. i remember reading during that time though, that it was possible for lowbie to walk into your aoe and etc, getting themselves killed or getting you marked. more recently though, i have read that it was only for npcs or something. I don't really know, I didn't play at the time.

    i still think it was possible for lowbies to stand in aoe and get you marked at the time, but it has been a while

    But doesn't sound very appealing in the least. What are you going to do about it if it just encourages ganking more? When I gank, I always gank with someone else. Because I'm open to the possibility that I might piss someone off who is a better player than me or has a better 1v1 advantage than I do.

    It's like what, do you only get the honor for killing them once? You gonna have to drag them back to town and stick them in the pokey? What then, SRY GUYZ CNT MAKE RAID/PUSH RATING, IN WOW JAIL. Maybe we can have gang activity and break our homies out so they can make raid, have volunteer guards around the clock, we could hire gladiators to break prisoners out and rogues could pick locks!

    Just sounds a lot easier to spam queue dungeons or get some sunlight/take a break.
    All the people that want me to fail, at the end of the day they have to wake up tomorrow
    have the same life that they had before they woke up today, and the same personal problems they have today
    and I will continue to live the way I want to and continue to do the things that I want to do

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    Killing a grey player gives you no honor, and there are diminishing returns on HK's anyway.

    Also banning people for PVP'ing is stupid. this kind of ganking should be inciting the world pvp people want, log to your main bring some mates and kill the person over and over till they get friends. time goes on and word spreads before a huge pvp war is underway, that's the awesome stuff.

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    I wouldn't mind a system like this (ones head being worth more honor the more you gank) but banning and deducting honor from killing the same person is just silly.. and so is the AP buff

    if you do not like the whole world pvp aspect, reroll pve server.

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    if u get ganked on a low lvl char and dont have high lvl char or friends, then make friends on another pve realm and use the zone realm ability to phase over to a pve realm to this zone and quest in peace without getting ganked on ur pvp realm.

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    I think people clearly stated in this thread and in the 35934859348653495634853485384653487536853 threads in the past that pvp on a pvp server .. wether is ganking or not, its perfectly fine and will never be punished ( unless extreme extreme griefing situations like explained by blues) or changed.. but i will contribute too.

    There is only one permanent solution to this *problem* of you weak people.. reroll on a pve server.

    Fast , easy and cost little.

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    i think people exagerate the gankming stories. since mop i have leveled 2 characters to ~80, and only been ganked 3times, and all of them were around the dark portal, ive had the odd fight with alliance players my level while questing, but only been killed by higher levels at dark portal.

    and banning players who engage in pvp on a pvp server is really not the way to go.
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    Who the heck does world PvP for honor? People kill lowbies so that the lowbies will cry, and get on their mains - and then die on those. Or call friends, and then the REAL fun begins.

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    So you want to punish players for doing something that is totally legal on a PVP server?

    Yeah, no.
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