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    [H] <Mad Reach> 16/16H 10man LF Agility Leather Melee

    UPDATE 03/12: We are looking for a AGI-LEATHER player(rogue/WW monk/feral druid). Same rules apply(know your class, ie if u play a hybrid class, you should know how to tank/heal.) We are looking for people that progressed highly in T14 and have appropriate gear.

    About Us :

    I'll make this as short and simple as I can. Mad Reach finished the tier US #17 16/16H, currently 12/12 ToT(with a fill-in friend in blues) on Burning Legion(CST) and we are looking for a geared/experienced agi/leather user(rogue, WW monk, feral druid) DPS to fill in a spot we need. We raid Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday 8-12ST(9-1est): Raid usually ends around 11:30ST . We all know each other and joke around but we are here to kill stuff. Depending on progression we might add a day as well for progression if everyone can do it, as well as starting early if everyone is on. Know your class inside and out. If you are interested please whisper me ingame or post in this thread.

    Some Achievements :
    *Realm First! Heroic Deathwing*
    *Realm First! Heroic Will of the Emperor*
    *Realm First! Heroic Grand Empress Shek'zeer*
    *Realm First! Heroic Sha of Fear*

    Be aware, don't make many mistakes; and if you do, correct them. Be dependable and chill and relaxed. Like I said we all know each other so we joke around so dont be a debbie downer and stuck up.
    If all your previous XP is on another character because you switched mains for the xpac, then give me ur old main's name as well.

    NOTE: I am usually always in-game but usually minimized so in-game mail is best. Tell me the character to look up and any logs you have.
    - We've had to rarely recruit players in 2-3 years So if you decide to reach out to me to join, be in it for the long haul and plan on this being your last guild of your WoW career!

    Hope to hear from you soon
    Battletag : Kaamila#1436
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    bump. still looking for a mage. this is for an immediate spot btw

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    bumpity boo

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    still looking. progressing on heroic empress atm

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    bump. still looking for a mage. possibly able to branch out to other classes as well so if you have the gear/exp and you arent a mage, feel free to explore your options with us!

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    bump. expanding our dps needs to more classes

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    bump. still looking for that special someone to take over my heart

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    still looking for that someone that fits with our group

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    still looking. also able to swap our 2nd tank(warrior) to dps and pick up an excellent monk/pally tank

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    to the top good sirs!

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    bump. still looking for that fit!

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    updated our needs.

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    bump for heroic empress down, bumping us to US #13

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    bump for being 15/16H and US #15

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    bump still looking for that special someone. first night of heroic sha attempts got to 50%. hopeful that we will kill it this week!

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    still looking

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    possible opening for an excellent tank

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    bumpity boo

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    bump. still looking

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