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    Although those big groups against the dragons are fun and epic, they're just mindless zergs. It requires absolutely no skill, you don't matter at all, and might aswell just make a cinematic out of it for the epic feel. Small group stuff make you count more, but aren't as epic as the others.

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    A small squad was always more fun to me, doesn't matter if it's with people coming and going, or a few people I'm grouped with in Mumble/Vent. When I was enjoying my Mesmer, upper level zones with 2-4 people. Or just me, exploring and finding Champions nestled in nooks and crannies that I would chase off to solo (as melee, not kiting).

    I always felt like a badass when I would get one to about 15% before someone else would show up. But if there was a group that showed up around like 60%, I tended to feel robbed. /shrug
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    Both big and small groups have their place.

    I like the big meta events, feels like a party! And I still feel like I make a difference (smashing an ice pillar just before a golem reaches it or kiting that Champ Icebrood Wolf off someone's face) Doing that *constantly* would get tiring though, smaller groups for roaming around.
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