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    Malfurion the Hipster, A Genn Greymane Story

    Genn: *transforms into worgen form* time for a good hunt!

    Malfruion: *pops out of no where* I WAS TRANSFORMING BEFORE IT WAS COOL!


    *later that day*

    Garrosh: By Hellscreams name! what happened in Dalaran!

    Malfurion: I was killing high elves BEFORE IT WAS COOL!

    Garrosh: GET OUT OF MY SHOWER!

    Genn: YEAH REALLY!

    Etrrig: Do I really have to be here to report to you master warcheif?

    *Later that day*

    Varian: Hey Tyrande, Lets go I'm upstairs

    Tyrande: Oh good I just put a pop tart in the toaster, by the time we are done I'll have breakfast.

    Malfruion: I was tappin dat BEFORE IT WAS COOL!

    Tyrande: get out before I call the cops again..........

    *later that day in Iron forge*

    Muradin: By my beard! FREE BEER!

    Malfurion: I had a long bead, Before it was cool!

    Muradin: what?...hic

    *Later that day in thunder bluff*

    HarveyMilkdruid: I'm going to spec balance!

    Malfurion: I was specin for balance BEFORE IT WAS MAIN STREAM!

    *Later that day in Dalaran*

    Gnomy le gnome: Come get your glasses here! Glasses on sale! just 3 gold!

    Malfurion: Yeah I'll take that pair over there!

    Gnomy le gnome: But those dont have lenses!

    Malfurion: I know! thats why i want them!

    *later that day in hyjal*

    Malfurion in his new shades: I love elemental powers *blasts a squirrel with moon fire*

    Ragnaros: I had elemenal powers... BEFORE IT WAS COOL!

    Malfurion:...... PATCH 5.3 THE FIRE LANDS ONCE AGAIN!

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    2/10. You're losing your touch.

    Amazing sig compliments of Alyajna!

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    This thread was pretty bad. As is this very post. And I bet the one after it too.

    Infract my ass.

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    ... Sorry Genn, not even a chuckle..

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    eh i tried

    c'est la vie

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    Made me smile, good one pal.

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    As a suggestion Genn, how's about a christmas special?

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    Better than anything anyone else in this thread, including me, has posted on these, or any other forums.
    we will be • when you will be no more

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    If you're going to make the shower a running gag, make sure to keep it going.
    "I quit WoW."

    If I say it's Azshara next enough times, eventually I'll be right. So here we go again. It's got to be Azshara next, so get ready for the Sylvanas expansion we inevitably get instead!

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