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    Ok, thanks for the info guys, shall be giving it a go again shortly
    Warriors in PvP are like small hyperactive children in a candy shop made of bouncy castle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redwitchy View Post
    Oh so, thats the trick? Healing aggro...

    Will he not come towards me then? I'm guessing, heal, pull aggro, kill a few then re-mc?
    That's indeed it. Park him at the far end of the room when you need to aggro stuff. Then break the MC, heal and kill some stuff, then use the orb again before he makes it all the way to you.
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    Mages can use Rune of Power combined with Evocation glyph for solid 60 seconds of heal aggro while controlling Razorgore. Just remember to cast a new Rune before the active one runs out, and stand in it of course. Works like a charm.

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    Just to let you guys know, I did it using the heal him and me method, without killing any adds. Thanks very much!

    None of them dropped a pet
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    Warriors in PvP are like small hyperactive children in a candy shop made of bouncy castle.

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    At last! Got the last two from BWL today!
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    love these pets. they look so epic.
    got em all, and am farming again for my friends.

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    Molten Core
    Magmadar - Blazing Rune done
    Sulfuron Harbinger - Mark of Flame done
    Golemagg the Incinerator - Core of Hardened Ash done. x3

    Blackwing Lair
    Razorgore the Untamed - Unscathed Egg still have times ill wipe on him...after two wipes ill give up and maybe come back another day if i feel like it
    Broodlord Lashlayer - Blackwing Banner done
    Chromaggus - Whistle of Chromatic Bone done. x2

    Temple of Ahn'Qiraj
    Prophet Skeram - Jewel of Maddening Whispers done
    Viscidus - Viscidus Globule no issue, just doesnt drop
    Emperor Vek'lor - Anubisath Idol done

    Maexxna - Dusty Clutch of Eggs done
    Gluth - Gluth's Bone having issues with Patchwerk, only got past him once in the last 3 attempts
    Loatheb - Blighted Spore done

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    Viscidus and Gluth are not being nice to me, seen multiple of the others though. I've not done the raids in a few weeks so maybe my luck will change. I've got to the point of doing it on multiple characters to...still nothing from viscidus and gluth =(

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