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    Weapon Enchants - Enhancement

    Heya. Enhancement shammy here, just started to gear up my Weapons into raiding epics, LFR's and Normals atm.
    So, firstly just wanted to check that the Highest-Dmging weapon still goes in the Mh over the Oh slot, despite the Ll scaling

    Secondly, i heard the other day that weapon enchants have been changed in respect to stacking. Im just checking what the current optimal weapon enchants are; between Windsong and dancing steel. Which in Mh, which in Oh for maximum DPS
    Taa for help

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    Dancing Steel on both is still amazing unless I missed a memo in the past two days.

    Also put the best weapon in your main hand.

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    This info should be covered in the sticky FAQ, but:

    - Correct, the highest-damage (slow - 2.60 speed or slower, if any still existed) weapon goes in the main hand, despite LL's scaling.

    - Dancing Steel > Windsong, for both weapons. If you can't afford DS, then do WS. Personally, I wouldn't recommend putting DS on anything less than a 489 ilvl.

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    While im Here, can i just check. Which weapon is currently better.
    LFR Sha-touched agility fist (With gem) - 483
    10M Normal Fist of the SpiritBinder - 489

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    You put the 489 in your main hand and the 483 in your offhand because you will get the agility bonus either way, which is what makes it so good.

    If you are deciding between the two of those for your offhand you should really sim that, although my instinct tells me that the 483 would be better due to the gem but the answer there is "sim it" because that's probably close.

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    Im running with the LFR Sha touched weapon (with and due to the gem) on my off hand and the Vault fist weapon on my main hand (normal mode) because it has higher dmg. Thats how I will go until I get to the end of Heart of Fear and manage to grab a pair of sha touched weapons.

    Dancing Steel is the best but its also the priciest. Average price on my server is around 10 K gold. I decided to go windsong for the time being. Considering investing on 1 DS and 1 WS for my current setup but 10K gold seems... too much.

    Windong is a pretty solid enchant so don´t kill yourself over not having DS. If you are not doing hard core progression then it really isnt worth the price. Just get slow hard hitting weapons and perform to the best of your ability (and cap hit/exp).

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    Last I heard Elemental Force was roughly equal to Windsong, EF being slightly ahead with lesser gear. If you don't want double Windsong, EF may be an option.

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