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    Can someone here explain how world PvP and CRZ works?

    My alt is in swamp of sorrows. It gets ganked. I log in my main who is also in swamp of sorrow to get the ganker, however, not only I can't find the ganker, I can't even find the corpse of my alt.

    I log out of my main and log back into my alt. My alt's corpse is in the exact spot I left it, same spot, same coords. I log back to main, I go to the exact same coords, I can't find the corpse of my alt.

    So, there are now multiple instances of Swamp of Sorrows and my alt and my main get placed into different instances? So that means that I cannot get the people who gank my alt with my main?

    Is there anyway to circumvent this? Perhaps by inviting main and alt into the same group?
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    BenBoss will drop by and explain everything to you don't you worry
    He has a spider crawling the web for any mention of 'CRZ' to jump in and copy-paste his adulation for this amazing feat of engineering.

    On topic, yes grouping your characters together would put you in the same 'zone', doesn't mean your ganker will be sticking around in that 'zone' too though.
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