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    anyway to change colors on the move? like on keyboard

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    Omg e.e this is mesmerizing..

    Edit: After 30 minutes I finally made an almost perfect heart xD
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    I can't stop drawing D:
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    its a dragon from above . or at least i think it is...
    someone else might have gotten it wrong.

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    Haha! Glad I could share some fun with you!
    My dad once told me that aslong as religion existed, even I could make my own fantasy buddys

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    This is fucking awesome i love seeing other peoples creations!
    heres mine!
    Little more robust then the others if seen

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    This is fantastic, especially when colors begin to mix.
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    How do i set my creation as my backround =(

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    A cool yellow helmet/crown!

    Just dumping it as I go further... demon helmet!
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    you might wanna put this image to load since it takes quite some minutes for it to fully load due to all the detailing.. how'd i do on a tyrael drawing :O?

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    Its the uper body of a firelooking demon , with wings..

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    I literally just sat there screwing around with the options and drawing random stuff for 30 minutes.
    And I could listen to that music all day
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    I can now finally feel like I have artistic talent....

    here's mine I just went crazy using different sorts of colors. The end result looks awesome

    Edit: here's another:
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    This is pretty awesome:O
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    I'm in love, thanks OP!

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