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  • Guadian / Juggernaut

    20 15.63%
  • Sentinel / Marauder

    16 12.50%
  • Sage / Sorcerer

    16 12.50%
  • Shadow / Assassin

    13 10.16%
  • Vanguard / PowerTech

    13 10.16%
  • Commando / Mercenary

    25 19.53%
  • Scoundrel / Operative

    11 8.59%
  • Gunslinger / Sniper

    14 10.94%
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    Quote Originally Posted by WarpedAcorn View Post
    Taugrim stated that the game right out of the gate had the most balanced PvP that he had seen on the market. It was the 1.2 patch that begin a trend he did not like as much, and it just seemed to get worse and worse in his opinion.
    I can agree with his sentiment somewhat. Operatives/Scoundrels had a retarded binary concept to them like every stealth-stun class in every MMO ever but other than that PVP was the main draw for the longest time personally.

    Then they decided to screw with gear because the low diminished return caps on expertise weren't working and flat out told you to go back to blue gear and farm again.
    Ruined Hybrid specs for both Sorc/sage and Sin/Shadow, because apparently the intention was never for you to skip the end tier talent.

    Looks like they gave up completely on any kind of class balance now. Guess the smash monkeys will have their play field. It's not just them though, damage across the board is out of control. You die way faster now even in full WH gear than you used to die back in Centurio/Champ stuff.

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    Otherwise you'd never kill a healer... seriously the damage is fine but people don't have to stand clumbed together like a herd of animals waiting for the slaughter. A smasher is just as good as you let him be, especially if you don't counter him like stun after leap to avoid his 10% dmg buff etc. . Operative healers are already a hell to kill... not to think about them being even more survivable.

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