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    40 11.33%
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  • $25

    4 1.13%
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    Would you pay subscription for a Blizzard hosted expansion server?

    The question is simple: would you pay Blizzard Entertainment at least $15 a month to play on a dedicated vanilla, Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, or Cataclysm server? I know, I know. I've seen it a million times: Blizzard isn't going to make servers for previous expansions because it will A. Show that they are not confident in their new content and B. The game is a progression game so you cannot go back on the progression. But still, would you pay more than $15 for a legal non-changing dedicated expansion server with perfectly working mechanics? Split between the 4 previous games, there is probably at least 500,000 players who play on private servers. If even a quarter of those players paid $15 or more a month for the server, imagine how much money Blizzard could make from non-updated games. So my question is: how much would you pay for a dedicated expansion server and which expansion would it be for? Personally, I'd pay $25 a month for a Burning Crusade server and $20 a month for a vanilla server.

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    Mmm, perhaps for WotLK.
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    I'd want it included with my existing sub (if i had one), and the servers run alongside the current ones.

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    Maybe. I'm surprised they don't do this already, they have a lot of expansion content I missed out on, and even though we can technically lock our account levels now, I don't think dedicated guilds for that exist, so all the old raids are dead.

    BC would be interesting, I missed way too much of its raid content.

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    Wasn't this thread locked? Why would you unlock?

    Anyway, it would never happen and I don't want it to ever happen. So I say $0.
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    I'd buy a lifetime sub for vanilla right away.

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    I might, MIGHT partake in such a thing, if it was free. But I wouldn't do pay extra to do so, nor would I go out of my way to find a private server, either. Basically, I'm not that interested.

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    Dude stop Re-opening threads you will get banned, and no Blizzard will not waste resorces on such thing, as they stated. And to directly. anwser i wouldnt cause I can actually move forward and i DONT want to go backwards. Take my advice and stop reopening threads.

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    Nope, i like vanilla but why on earth would i want to go back too it and pay for it, i played a private server with vanilla on it and i was bored within 15mins.
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    nothing... zero... it would get really old really quick and when the expac's content has been cleared... then what?

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    Ofcourse they dont do it, people will stay in old outdated content then and wont follow the new one, they will do make the servers im sure off when WoW is over, like nobody is playing anymore.
    Or atleast is dying hard.

    but i don't see that happen for next 5/10 years.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drummerthing View Post
    Split between the 4 previous games, there is probably at least 500,000 players who play on private servers. If even a quarter of those players paid $15 or more a month
    People play on private servers because they're cheap assholes and dont want to pay for anything, not because they're interested in old content.

    The biggest poll I've seen so far for old junk servers got whopping 600 signatures for it. So I really doubt your 500k or 125k. Or even 5k.
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    Thread got reopened? There wasn't really a reason to close it anyway, it still had a good topic to talk about.

    I'd be interested in trying vanilla for a few months, than TBC for a few months, then I'd see if I'll be interested in WotLK. While WotLK is still my favorite expansion, I had already played out everything when it was current content.

    I'd probably pay the same sub, 10-15 euro

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    If (and this is a big if) Blizz did something like this, I would want one subscription to cover all servers, so you could pick and choose. Wouldn't pay a whole lot extra, maybe keep the $15 a month for current server, or $20-$25 a month for access to all servers, past and present.
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    I probably wouldn't even play if it was free.

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    Zero, because I have no interest in this. I get bored if we go a few months without new content patches, I can't imagine being permanently stagnant.
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    I would pay for a vanilla server absolutely.
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    I would like a Classic server. For 10 bucks or around that. With no flying mounts and real world pvp + lost vanilla raids made available again (Naxx, Ony, ZG)

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    I wouldn't pay anything extra altho if they did have X-expansion only servers I might roll a toon on them just for nostalgia.

    Im sure many people wouldn't play on them for more than a year or 2 tho cause people would cry and bitch and ask for new content added to them.

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    I'd try out a vanilla or BC server for nostalgia sake. But the reality is I enjoyed those two time periods because of the people/guild I played with. The game play and content without the players is just boring.

    *edit* old AV and flying mountless world PvP would be hot tho
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