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    Men with rings.

    So I am just wondering what the outside world thinks of it.

    What do you think about Men wearing Rings? Its very unusual these days..

    And by rings i mean '' Real Men looking rings''... Big black some silver on it with a precious stone or a symbol.

    Heres an example.

    Look aside from the pictures.. By '' Real Men looking rings '' I mean rings that only a male would wear

    I have wore one and have for the last 5 years..Its a family heirloom and what the price was back 200 years ago doesent matter. Its the personal value that matters to me.

    But man do i get many questions about it and so many people tend to stare at my hand becouse here its very unusual for a normal man to wear a ring other than wedding ring.. But well its a token and its a family heirloom and i wear it with pride and its become a part of me..

    So what do you think about it? Does a thought instantly strike you when you see a male wearing a ring? Or do you see it just as a normal accessorie
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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with men wearing jewelry of just about any sort, be it necklaces, earrings, or rings. I wear a ring myself, as does my best friend, so I'm obviously biased. Mine's pewter with a couple onyx, his is engraved silver. It's all a matter of taste.

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    Never really thought about it. Though if someone's wearing 15 rings and bling everywhere I might think something.

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    If it's not a girly ring, then I don't think I really notice..

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    My dad wears a variety of jewelery, but since he works in construction, he does so only on special occasions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herecius View Post
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with men wearing jewelry of just about any sort, be it necklaces, earrings, or rings. I wear a ring myself, as does my best friend, so I'm obviously biased. Mine's pewter with a couple onyx, his is engraved silver. It's all a matter of taste.
    I agree.
    Over the years i got attached to my ring if thats the right way to say it.
    Its a part of me and i couldnt see me not wearing it

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    unless a ring really jumps out and screams "more money than sense!!!" i dont notice tbh. i only wear a wedding ring myself, which i take off while working

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    Nothing wrong with rings on men. I don't really like the ones you linked though but thats rather a personal taste
    I do prefer gold jewelry over silver on myself and guys!

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    Unless it's on their penis I don't see a problem.
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    I grew up with a grandpa that was in the army and worked in a dockyard, he would tell me of fingers getting torn off because of rings.

    I dont wear any on preference, even if i was married i wouldnt wear a ring.

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    its fine , unless its like hoolahop in the ear or golden ring in the nose , those look awfull

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    If its a school ring, wedding band, or a family heirloom, those look just fine. If its something lame like the ones you liked, dragons and skulls n shit, it looks tacky IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vizzle View Post
    Unless it's on their penis I don't see a problem.
    Agreed, any sort of gemstone or engraving really chafes on my throat, ruins it for me.

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    The ones linked are a little flashy, I wear since it's also a bottle opener and matches the dark clothes I usually wear. I also have an earring and a few necklaces, nothing wrong with accessorizing if you know how to blend it in well with your look :P

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    I guess it would depend on the ring. I think it looks trashy for anyone to wear several, obnoxiously large, tacky looking pieces of jewelry. (if you need a visual, think about old lady jewelry) I'm not a big fan of men wearing jewelry personally. My husband wears a wedding ring and a watch and that's it. I could understand an actual heirloom ring if, as someone else said, it doesn't look feminine. A guy wearing a bunch of rings would look silly imo.

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    I'm not married and I wear rings :S

    They're not flashy or anything, they're both souvenirs from Greece and England! One has Elder Futhark runes and the other one spins and has the Keys of Athens on it :3

    No one has ever stared or said anything, I even wear the Futhark one on my ring finger, even though it clearly doesn't look like a wedding band lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by vizzle View Post
    Unless it's on their penis I don't see a problem.
    Yeah, I thought cock rings when I saw the thread title too >.< shows where my mind is

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    I would never wear a ring. Don't want to bash a finger and have it swell up around it. I don't think they are weird though
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    I wear a dark blue cats eye ring with a white gold band that looks almost identical to the one in this picture that I bought 7 years ago in high school with my first big paycheck when I first started working. The only time it ever comes off my hand is when I wash my hands, cook and shower. Rings are most definitely my favorite kind of jewelry because it stands out due to it not being hidden by clothing like with necklaces, bracelets and watches. I'm now planning on finding a nice mens pearl ring (I was born in June and the pearl is my official birthstone) with a tungsten band that I can wear on my other hand. After that I think I will not need to wear any more rings. I have seen a few men wear like 8-9 rings on their hands and to me it just looks so tacky and makes them look like total showoffs.

    @ OP: There is nothing wrong with a man wearing a ring as long as it looks tasteful and it is actually made for a man to wear it. I cannot believe that some people where you live think it's unusual for a man to wear a ring unless he is married! If people are staring at your hand and thinking it's weird for you to wear a ring they are either very closed minded/uneducated and think that only women should be wearing rings (which is obviously COMPLETE bullshit) or they are just jealous that you choose to wear what you want to wear.
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    They is Bling, not rings

    I don't wear rings myself though, feels constricting.

    There is of course the other kind of rings, which I confess I'd find intresting.. if the pain was avoidable.

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    Go tell this guy his rings are "unusual" or that he's not "real".

    Yes, I know, character from a TV-series. Not that far from reality, though?
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