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    How it really would have gone:

    Little boy used devastate on Moose.

    Moose snorts and slavers in anger.

    Moose impales boy with massive antlers for 25,000. Boy dies.

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    This one isn't specifically about WoW, but each of the cognitive effects are still applicable to varying degrees.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    I'm determined to someday make Med'an awesome. (MickyNeilson)

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    I used WoW in a journal article. Muscle Memory and World of Warcraft.

    If it wasn't for combatlogs and many dozens of hours of data analysis, I would have never been able to write that paper.

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    I don't know if it has just been WoW or PC gaming in general (Mostly MMO's I suppose) but my typing has continually gotten faster. Constantly typing to people via whisper, guild chat, trade chat, or those clutch situations in a terrible pug who isn't using vent/mumble and you have to type something real quick mid-fight because people do not understand the mechanics of a fight and are about to wipe the raid (you know), has made me much faster at typing over the years.

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    Our GM actually put on his resume that he's a GM/raid leader in WoW.

    Kinda makes sense, I guess. It shows that you have some leadership qualities, problem solving skills, etc. Also shows that you can handle managing/coordinating 24 other people if your raid group is somewhat successful.
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    It has improved my ability to play a market, at least.

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    map skills and navigation. if you think about how much time you spend using a map in wow especially when leveling and questing you should be quite good at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by draganid View Post
    map skills and navigation. if you think about how much time you spend using a map in wow especially when leveling and questing you should be quite good at it.
    Navigating with a GPS unit telling you exactly where you are and where to go is hardly a skill.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    I'm determined to someday make Med'an awesome. (MickyNeilson)

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    Helped me acquire more normalized speech patterns alot of the time...As well as a bit socially and other things.

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    I guess it is a good tool to use to laugh at how bad some people are and joke about it.

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    I've boldly used raidleading as an example of my leadership skills while applying for a managerial position, and it worked. I wouldn't recommend it though, it's a gamble.
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    Better English
    Better Leading Skills
    Better Communications
    I've heard of people getting married to folks they met in WoW
    Money if you want to go pro E-Sports with WoW.
    Playing the Market skills
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    I guess if you're really good at it it could work with applications ... but that is very limited. Other than that not sure ...

    I mean you could argue that you get more attentive, but there's far better ways (maybe less fun though) for that.
    I for one learned terms like red-w*** (not sure if I'm allowed to even mention it on the forums ...) that are utterly useless in real-life but hey if you get to know someone with weird habits maybe it helps >.>

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    Well, I don't like to brag, but years of playing wow made me extremely good at committing genocide for minuscule rewards.

    That and being extremely thick to any verbal abuse.
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    Punting vermin trying to eat my veggie garden

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    I'd feel oh so very ronery without MMOs. Now it's different (and I no longer play), but I'm thankful for the times when I used to be a contributing member of a progression guild. The sense of togetherness, achievement through hard teamwork was quite inspiring, and kept me going without feeling overly sad.
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    All those quests where I was literally sifting through piles of excrement have made me a poop-scooping virtuoso of sorts when I take my dog for walks at the park. They even have that shimmering sheen that makes them extremely easy to spot from a distance.

    Thanks World of Warcraft!

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    Games are never released in my local language, so I've had to get by with English. Playing this game for the better part of a decade has taught me more about the English language than I ever could've hoped of picking up at school. I, apparently, have flair for teaching in addition to that, so I'm currently studying to become an English teacher
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    Honestly I feel WoW made me dumber and more impatient XD It's also made me more pissed off at how self-centered people are.

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