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    Flying in Pandaria at level 85.....WTF!

    So I am flying around the Heartland when Spy goes off and says there is a 85 warlock near me. Then sure as shit he goes flying over me. He was mining and herbing. Then I thought HUH, FLYING??? So, I know there is a lot of reports of boting on these forums, and I know that involves game automation, but do they all allow them to fly? That is breaking/bypassing the game mechanics.

    I took plenty of screenshots - to prove he was moving.

    See for yourself - since i couldnt upload them directly from my pc - avadakedavraa.imgur.com/

    So would Blizzard just throw a 3 hour ban on this - even tho he's flying.... or is this perma-ban material.
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    It's more common than you think, and it's usually compromised accounts that are so blatantly abused, since they hacker doesn't care if the account is banned or not.

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    Are you sure you hadn't been enjoying some holiday spirits before this?

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    It's Botting ive seen it myself also, it was a shaman at lvl 85, mined a node and then climbed a wall with his flying mount, and flew off.
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    He's using hacks to "fly".
    You'll notice the mount never flaps its wings, it always runs in the air. There was a thread about this a few weeks ago.

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    The code for threedimensional movement has always been "somewhere". I've seen a flying/floating level 60 bot very early in TBC when min. level for flying was 70.

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    Bot, I have seen this multiple times.

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    Once managed to stop 3 of those bots, courtesy of a broken mining node (ie. I was stuck in the looting position). They'd all "fly" over to it, stand on top of the node - and then do nothing.

    One of them eventually moved on his own, at which point I apologised for breaking his bot. He just replied with a smiley.

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