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    [Resto] The shamans in our guild seems to heal less than they should - please help!

    Hello everyone!

    We just downed Blackhand HC for the first time and through the entire raid our shamans were behind. Especially on Blackhand. Could any of you seasoned resto shamans be bothered to give it a look, please? It would be tremendously helpful! We would like to cut a healer for mythic progress and right now it feels like our two shamans only heal as one. I might be very wrong as I'm just a lowly hunter but it just doesn't look right. We wiped on Blackhand in P3 due to low healing so it's not because there's nothing to heal.

    Thanks in advance!

    Here are the warcraftlogs links:

    Blackhand kill:

    Other bosses:

    (I can't post direct links yet, sorry!)
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    Darmac looks fine to me at least. The thing with your healing setup is that you have a disc priest, a holy paladin and 2 restoration shamans. I'd say that's not a very ideal environment.

    Longest wipe (6:15):
    - Pezcore could've probably gotten away with using HTT three times if necessary (in p2), at 0:30, 3:30 and possibly 6:30 (end of p3?).
    - Pezcore didn't use Spirit Link Totem once. It's very useful in P1 for the demolitions as well as P3 for soaking the smashes. A barrier works as well, but this means you have a lot of options for stacked damage reducing.
    - HST usage seems low. 5-6 casts in a 6 minute fight isn't optimal. 17-22% uptime is too low, the absolute maximum would be 50% (without call of the elements).
    Neither of them use Elemental Blast, they don't seem to have any mana issues. However using that talent could potentially yield more healing as they have better regen.

    Those are my 2 cents, don't notice anything else being massively wrong.

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    I only looked at your blackhand report.

    resto shaman is going to wind up looking bad in groups with a lot of shield healing; we're bad at chasing healing anyway, and especially so vs. disc/hpaladin

    one of your shamans did quite well in P3 (dado), the other did not.

    Both are using healing surge a lot in P2; they would be better off replacing many of those casts with more chain healing. Their chain heal hit numbers are not particularly high either; it might be worth using glyph of chaining (although this is really a matter of preference.

    Both go long periods of time without dropping HST, which really needs to be fixed. Even if they aren't using CotE (and realistically why wouldn't you), their HST uptime could come up a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeCostanza View Post
    We would like to cut a healer for mythic progress and right now it feels like our two shamans only heal as one.
    Healing is not like dps. When you dps a boss, the numbers you can pull depend mostly on you. The total DPS the raid can pull isn't limited, therefore you can grow your DPS as much as your skill and gear allows.

    Not so with healing. The total raid HPS available is limited by the encounter and the amount of avoidable damage the raid takes. Then this "HPS pie" is divided between the healers, but not equally, rather each class has its role in the healing team.

    Absorbs are the first line of defense, they have priority over heals, and take a chunk of the HPS pie regardless of what the shaman does. Classes with absorbs look better on the meters on easy content, but it doesn't mean they are stronger.

    Resto shamans fill the "safety net" role in the raid. Their mastery, "deep healing", heals more the lower HP the target has. Shamans get stronger the more challenging the content is, and can "catch" the leftover part of the HPS pie that other classes let through. It's just that before you get to mythic, often the pie isn't big enough to begin with, and after dividing it between the healers, not much is left to the shaman. Therefore looking at resto shamans hps numbers on heroic and projecting them to mythic can be misleading.

    We wiped on Blackhand in P3 due to low healing so it's not because there's nothing to heal.
    Those are the numbers when zooming on phase 3:


    Holy pala #1: 65K HPS, up from 52K over the entire encounter
    Resto shaman #1 (Dado): 48K HPS, up from 35K
    Disc priest: 40K HPS, up from 37K
    Holy pala #2: 38K HPS (died early, down from 39K overall)
    Resto shaman #2 (Pezcore): 16K HPS, down from 28K overall

    So one shaman (Dado) was 2nd on HPS when you zoom on phase 3, and had the biggest percentage increase in his healing output (37%), which illustrates the point that shamans get stronger when there is more healing required.

    Pezcore's numbers didn't increase. I think that movement was the reason. There is a lot of movement in P3, which is a weak aspect of shamans. We can't cast on the move. Pezcore spent most of his time in phase 3 running around to reach the boss melee range, and only had time to cast a healing rain before being thrown away by the next smash and having to run to melee all over again. Dado did much better in phase 3 since he often stood a bit far from the melee and casted instead of running to melee. It was a better decision since the raid was dying and you had enough people to soak the smash anyway.

    Spiritwalker's grace can help with the movement, can also be glyphed to have a shorter cooldown.

    Both shamans used their healing tides near the end of phase 2 and then it was on cooldown in phase 3. Maybe you needed them on phase 2 to survive and push phase 3, but if you can hold on using them and save them for phase 3, healing will be much easier.

    Another thing I noticed is that Pezcore used ascendance together with healing tide. Usually healing tide is strong by itself, and pairing it with another cooldown is often a waste.

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    If you are gonna cut someone, cut Pezcore as he is the weakest shaman. However, heroic logs can be misleading (especially when there are discipline priests on there).

    1. As previous posters mentioned he used ascendance+healing tide which is overhealing.

    2. Also he didn't cast nearly enough Riptides (half from Dadotornado), if he isn't using the glyph of riptide, he should.

    3. Pezcore is talented into Elemental Blast and used it 3x on the whole fight. If he is not going to use it he might be better off spec'ing into Primal Elementalist (like Dadotornado). It is less efficient but much easier to manage.

    4. Both shamans could up their Healing Stream Totem usage. 6 & 8 casts on a 7 minute fight is low (should be 11'ish).

    However, if you can get Pezcore to improve his gameplay, shamans are really good on challenging content. 2x Healing Tide/Ascendance/Spirit Link is very powerful.

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    there's for sure room for improvements on the points given above, but just remember that on anything but progression fights, the better your other healers are, the worse the shaman(s) will look on the meters.

    If your raid rarely or never dips below 80% health, the shaman should in theory not even heal. We are there for when things get hairy and people drop low. That's one of the main strengths of the resto shaman.

    But also, they should be more aggressive - stick to their "game plan". i.e. with HST, Elemental Blast, riptide/high-tide setups etc. It's important not to panic and forget the critical details even when things get hairy. you need to last the entire fight and your performance will be much better if your shamans try to remember all the aspects even in cases of "oh crap, damage EVERYWHERE".
    We have some of the best raid cooldowns available, having two of each is even better.

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