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    Leveling 89-90

    Where do i need to start?

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    Dread wastes and Townlond Steppes will do ya.

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    Yes that is what i know but where is the starting quest for one of these zones?

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    You should have breadcrumb quests leading you to them. Check the wall that separates Dread wastes and The Vale.

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    Townlong is easy enough, take a flight path or go to Kun-Lai Summit and walk west (on the road) from Winter's Blossom. The Hubs will have quests in Longying Outpost.

    Dread Wastes is a bit trickier if you don't have the flight point to the Serpent's Spine but you can still enter Dread Wastes from Townlong and a quest specifically takes you into it momentarily where you can just walk right over to the flight point right of Kor'vess and get a Chen Stormstout quest line.
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    Doesn't the map have level recommendations listed RIGHT THERE?

    Dafuq man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzo View Post
    Doesn't the map have level recommendations listed RIGHT THERE?

    Dafuq man.
    The issue is that if you just randomly wander into Dread Wastes - you will not be able to quest (I tried to on my lvl 89 alt yeterday). You have to get the starter quest on the wall first.

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