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    The Chosen 25man Guild, Argent dawn. [8/8 HC 10man]

    Important Information!

    The chosen is currently recruiting any dps and 1 tank. This is to prepear our raid team for the next patch. We want our team to be as strong as it can be.

    The Chosen wants you

    The chosen is currently looking for more people for our progression team in Mist of Pandaria.
    We are looking to expand our roster with good and skilled players, so if you think you have what it takes, Read on.
    We are the longest standing guild on the server with more than 7 years under our belt. We have been raiding since classic and are still standing strong.

    About us

    We are a progression based 25man guild that focuses on getting through the content before new content releases. For Mist of Pandaria, we are increasing our roster strength to make sure we have enough good players for a fast and smooth progression. We are one of the last 25man guilds on the server and the oldest guild still existing. We do our best to be a guild with a good social side while still progressing at a good speed.

    We are currently raiding 3 times a week, Thursdays, Sundays and Tuesdays. We raid from 19:30 to 23:00 with a 5-10 min break at about 21:00. We usually clear "farm content" on Thursdays then focus heavily on progression the rest of the week. If the raid is cleared, we raid previous tiers for achievements and other cool stuff.

    About you

    You should be a good and nice person who has an above average interest in progression. You should know your class and be up to date on everything related to your class and encounters. You should go well with other people socially and be good at teamwork as well as being good at completing tasks you are assigned.

    What do you get from the guild?

    As a member of our guild, you get your repair bills during raids covered by the guild bank. We will also provide food and flasks every raid. You will be in a stable and good community that still has a good progression. As a member of our guild, you will have people to discuss your class with and also other parts of wow. We do run some pvp some nights but nothing official.

    What are we recruiting?

    We are currently recruiting these classes and roles:
    Death knight: dps and tank
    Druid: dps and tank
    Hunter: dps
    Mage: dps
    Paladin: dps and tank
    Priest: dps
    Rogue: dps
    Shaman: dps
    Warlock: dps
    Warrior: dps and tank
    Monk: dps and tank.

    Where to contact us
    To best come in contact with us, feel free to send us an application on our website(linked below). You can also contact any of the officers ingame.


    Lamathor, Snabelad, Athariel, Atric, Eclipsey, Raventhorn, Garzafoss.

    Thank you for reading all the way.
    May you have a good rest of the day.
    Recruitment officer of The Chosen.
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    Updated the post with new information.

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    Again updated with new progression and recruitment

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    Updated numbers

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    updated with new numbers, currently only recruiting shamans

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    Updated for MoP

    Gogo apply people

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    The chosen are recruting all dps and a tank. go apply

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