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    Cat owners! Recommend me a litter brand

    My current litter doesn't clump the pee like advertised on the bag. So when I scoop the litter, the pee filled litter just falls through my scoop. I have a very large cat and when he pees, he pees like a bucket load. I need something that will really clump his pee and make it easier to scoop it out.

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    I usually buy the arm and hammer multi cat brand it clumps very well and I find its less dusty than other brands. It's expensive though and some of the types like the ultra last and the double duty my cant won't use because the put a pine scent in it. I find the cheaper litters usually don't scoop well.
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    I've tried a few of them, but I ended up with Ever Clean. It's normally one scoop out and you're done.

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    I use this stuff:


    Doubt you'd have this brand, but basically it's sawdust concentrated into pellets.
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    Tidy Cats

    This stuff rocks.
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    Your neighbors garden (Just kidding, don't flay me people) i use catsan, it's pretty decent, before that i used a type of pellet based one but it wasn't the best on odor prevention.

    This is, and naturally it clumps ect and my cat has the habit of pushing it over the patch so it helps

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    I use http://www.preciouscat.com/

    I switched away from World's Best, actually.

    Here's a site you might find useful. http://www.catinfo.org/?link=litterbox
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    Here's a site you might find useful. http://www.catinfo.org/?link=litterbox
    Bookmarked, thanks! I'm moving next week and plan to get new litter boxes and such. Bastards are getting kinda their own sun room, all glass, that I plan to populate with pigmy plum palms... Fun to say...
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    started using Arm n Hammer'd new Clump and Seal line. very good as far as cat litter goes. pricy for litter but keeps smell down for my family's two adult male cats and it's easy as TBC destro warlock rotation to clean out since it's quite fine compared to most litter. it also doesn't track too much. overall i gives the stuff an A
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    I used to always use fresh step, it smells nice and clumps well. Funny story, One day I switched brands and my cat started pooping outside the litter box. She would not go in her box, I thouht she was sick. She wasn't. Turns out she did not like the fact that I switched litter brands. When I went back to the old brand she was fine. I've never had a cat that was picky about litter. But she was always a weirdo.

    I want to add that I used to work for a guy who bred show cats and he used corn or weat (something like that) based litter, it's supposedly safer, (although I've never had issues with normal stuff.) But it was awful! It did not hide smell, in fact it made everything smell worse, and it did not clump. Stick to clay based litter. The whole "natural" and crap like that makes for awful litter.
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    I actually buy a pine based litter. It comes out of the package in little pellets, and as the cats pee on them they start to break down. The pine shreds dry really fast and actually mask the urine smell so the area smells great so you only have to scoop poop.

    You only need a very thin layer of this litter (about an inch) because as the pine pellets break down it creates a fuller box or shreds.
    I change out the litter once all the pellets are broken down and are saturated. (Usually every 2 weeks) It's so simple to dump out and it doesn't stick to your litter box like the traditional litter does so your litter box is much cleaner and there's less likely going to be urinary problems. (Yay healthy kitties)

    The product is called feline fresh.

    The one thing I should mention was when I first switched to this litter my cat didn't know what to make of it and ended up peeing in the trash can beside the littler box instead. The transition can be confusing because its so different than traditional litter. So what I did was take some of the old litter (with her scent on it) and mix it with the new stuff, and slowly cut out the old litter.
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    I use FelinePine because my cats responded to it well and it helps the smell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faroth View Post
    I use http://www.preciouscat.com/

    I switched away from World's Best, actually.

    Here's a site you might find useful. http://www.catinfo.org/?link=litterbox
    I too use precious cat. Now, I have to question your actual cleaning habits. I notice the longer you leave it (being any clumping), the more likely it is to crumble. Also, if you do it too soon, it will also crumble. (I clean once every 24-36 hours). If you prefer a nice smelling litter, you can go to the dollar store and buy some cat litter deoderizer. Its just baking soa and some smelly stuff. I actually love the stuff.

    Being a large cat (and I have to assume its no bigger than my boy, he's 20-23 pounds), I assume he pees in the corner, which may also be part of your problem. It takes longer to clump and often goes all the way to the bottom. You may need to be using more litter than you are using and you might need a bigger box.

    If he pees in the corner, don't dig it out. Hit the box with a slap (or two or five) and it should fall away (decently) nicely. If it doesnt, its probably too soon.
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    worlds best cat litter is pretty good.
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    Tidy Cats

    This stuff rocks.
    Having tried many cat litter with your very problem, I'll say tidy cats. It is more expensive though.

    The cheapest stuff is little clay flakes. It doesn't clump for the pee AT ALL, and it just barely sticks to the poop.

    Arm and hammer does an ok job, but the pee clumps tend to fall apart when you're trying to scoop them so the amonia smell can build up.

    Tidy cats the pee clumps stay together pretty sturdily so you can get them out of the litter box and you won't have a build up of amonia smell over time, and don't have to toss the entire litter box, just clean it every couple of weeks before you add more.
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    We used that for a while. Expensive. Didn't work well after a week.

    Moved on to the Blue walnut litter. Works as well for longer. Cheaper. Coats stuff in brown dust, though.

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