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    Question about Nvidia GTX660

    So, because of financial issues, I'm upgrading my PC part by part, I started last year's summer and this is my setup so far:

    P8H61 EVO motherboard
    Core i7-2600/3.4GHz/
    8 GB RAM Corsair
    Asus GeForce 9800GTX+ DK TOP

    is the GTX660 going to be a good card for this setup? I'm quite used to upgrading parts every 3 or so years, so will it last me at least 3 years, running the games at least on high with some AA? I'm currently on 1680x1050 resolution, but soon I'm getting a new monitor as well which is going to be 1920x1080. The dilemma I'm having is either the GTX660Ti, which is actually quite hard to find in my country and I may very well have to wait a considerable time to get it, or the GTX660 which is in stock currently. I'm just wondering if the GTX660 is a good card overall and if GTX660Ti is worth the waiting and the additional money. Thanks in advance for any answers.

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    Yeah, the 660 would be a fine addition to that build, although for the cost of a 660 you can probably get a Radeon card (7850 or 7870) that performs a lot better.

    Either way, adding a new GPU will make that build last another couple of years, easily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noteworthynerd View Post
    Although for the cost of a 660 you can probably get a Radeon card (7850 or 7870) that performs a lot better.
    The 7850 is not considered better than the 660. Recently, due to the aggressive pricing of Nvidia cards, AMD cards might not have the best price/performance ratio anymore.

    If you're looking for 660 Ti performance, the 7950 has slightly better performance and might not have the same price ramp-up as the 660 Ti.

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