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    I have no idea what to do for New Years Eve

    Mom's going on a New Years Eve party, dad is a pissy communist bastard that will probably just take a bottle of beer when the new year comes and then go to sleep, all my friends have other plans. Any ideas?

    My idea list so far:
    - Get pissdrunk and hope to get laid

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    Play games, go to the cinema, etc.

    Hell, just because it's an important date doesn't mean you need to celebrate it, you know?

    It can be a normal day as any other day.
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    Other then watching the ball drop in Times Square on t.v. I just treat it as another day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Majad View Post
    go to the cinema, etc.
    Get pissdrunk, go to the cinema, and then hope to get laid? Bingo!

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    Personally I dont like New Years that much. However we are going for for xmas(I live 6 hours away from friends and family) so I plan on going to a party and hanging out with people I rarely see anymore. Back in the day i loved New Years. Go to a bar and find a lady to celebrate the New Year.

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    Lol I think im going to go to Whistler Snowboarding that day.

    New Years isn't that really a big thing for me, until i can go clubbing lol

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    Assuming you are legal age, go out to a place with some other people, like a bar if you are going to get drunk. Plenty of single folks out on New Year's.

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    Make some new friends and get stoned with them as the ball drops!

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    I never have this problem, my dad's birthday is the 31th of december, so it is always big party at home till past 12

    So uhm, go look for a party to crash? :P

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