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    How do I get to the 5.1 Dalaran quests?

    Does anybody knows what prequests I have to do to unlock the Dalaran quests added in patch 5.1 that everyone is talking about? Doing dailies in Karasang Wilds for Operation Shieldwall atm hoping to unlock it, nothing yet. Anyone who knows?

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    it unlocks at 18k/21k or 19k/21k Reputation if i remember right.

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    I'm sitting at 2100 (Revered) and the only Dalaran quest I've done so far is a dialog scene. You'll have to work your way well up into revered before the "good stuff" happens unfortunately.
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    For Horde i think it was at 18/21k Revered, don't remember correctly since i got Exalted at the 15th so..

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    The rep gains from the Purge of Dalaran event Horde-side took me to exalted with Dominance Offensive, and I wasn't that far off from it when the quest popped up. Alliance is probably the same.

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    im really close to exalted (18-19k/21 I believe) and just did the darnassus quest. so im guessing you get it just before exalted.

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