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    Quote Originally Posted by wow View Post
    Its anything to do with rogues in this expansion looks like it had about 5mins of work put into it.
    Rogue Challenge mode Gold set says hi. I know its subjective, but i think its one of the best set out there.

    As for the daggers, yeah sure its a reskin. But nothing transmog can fix for ya. Besides from a personal PoV, idc about daggers. Combat does that dps just fine for me.

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    The dagger was identical to the Stone Guards one prior to 5.1, ppl complained like crazy so they added the crappy sea weed effect to it. Its pretty bad that the sha-touched dagger didnt get any proper atention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertrandomname View Post
    Rogue Challenge mode Gold
    I agree tho. Probably the only work rogue got done but that is what a rogue set should look like.
    All rogue tiers are fail in comparison

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    ive have an idea, lets make a pettition @ blizz to make sha-toucher dagger a legend for rogues!


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    Quote Originally Posted by hir0shima View Post
    ive have an idea, lets make a pettition @ blizz to make sha-toucher dagger a legend for rogues!

    Obv a FOTM trolling a rogue forum.

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    Couldn't care less about its skin tbh.

    And rogue's t14 is somewhat pretty too.

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    Well, the point I was trying to get across were that these weapons are supposed to look very unique and different (at least I can only presume that was the designers philosophy on them) in comparison to all the regular weapons. All of them are clearly, but the dagger - which was simply a re-used weapon. They had a chance to change the poor decision of giving us just another re-skin of the Vaults dagger, but simply just sloshed some crap on the end. 10/10 for laziness, but apparently GC just mentioned in a tweet that they have been having discussions lately that they might have made Rogues overpowered in the 5.2 ptr... whether his words bare fruit is another question entirely.

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    Funny fact is that you guys manage to complain about pretty much everything, diluting stuff that really matters (such as the lack of usefulness and survival of the pvp rogue) amongst dozens of pointless complaints.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milkshake86 View Post

    My mind is blown.

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