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    One of my favorite raiding songs for my hunter.

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    Shadow Priests should scare you...roar.

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    As a Forsaken through and through, leveling a monk. One of my favorite songs as well. It sounds like a tired journey that never ends, full of mistakes.
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    This is the theme for my new monk character

    For my hunter main it has to be

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    Nightsong or Thomas Bergensen - Ocean Princess. Fits well for a Night Elf. I usually play with music off in general.

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    For when i hunt down Alliance players or nuke an arena weakling and his healer cant keep up with my damage. ooh frost dks used to be something or destro warlocks in wotlk.

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    Burn, baby, burn! Fire Mage.

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    "I AM A HOLY PALADIN" - a theme I had commissioned as a theme/guild song. Can't be anymore specific!
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    This one has to be mine:

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    it gotta be this crazy so bassy so... so.... warrior-like

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    I've always imagined my paladin as more of a demon/elemental-slayer than a champion fighting against undead, so this is his theme

    As for my warrior, it's Lament of the Highbourne, as I play as Forsaken, but I love anything about elves too.

    Everytime I play a new character I always play the same music, so New Char Theme: LotR soundtrack!
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    Quote Originally Posted by loudskies View Post
    dense metal-head
    What a dense statement.

    Mostly due to my desire to kill things as a Druid. I have been separated from nature and seek to end it.

    Also, this was my "Saurfang song". Back in ICC everyone in guild would be quiet during the fight and listen to a song of their choice, tanks knew went to taunt, everything always went off without a hitch. It was our opportunity to take a break.

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    Ranging from Freedom Call over Five Finger Death Punch to The Correspondents and Tommyknocker, it's quite a terrifying menagerie of hideous music you guys have going on here.
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    I feel like this song describes my character and myself pretty well. I might start out genty and take it easy, but once I get started and put my head in the game there's a lot of power there.

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    Discipline priest, the song speaks for itself.

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    1,451 for my human warrior. even better when in BGs lol

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